AFSIC – Investing in Africa gathers investors in London

AFSIC – Investing in Africa brought together a who’s who of international business leaders and investors in London.

This October 9, Africa Events Limited (AEL) hosted AFSIC – Investing in Africa, which since 2013 has been the prime destination for African companies seeking funding and wanting to grow globally. This time, the event was held in London.

This year, opening remarks were delivered by Rupert McCammon, Managing Director at AFSIC. The event then got underway in earnest, with a series of quickfire investment pitches, country investment summits from countries as diverse as Kenya, South Africa, and Ethiopia, and a range panel discussions. Topics included: banking in Africa, featuring figures from the African Development Bank, IFU, and more; Africa’s public equity markets, featuring speakers such as Bendaoud Tali of the Casablanca Stock Exchange; Not to mention discussions on microfinance, SMEs, private equity, education, and much more.

One standout session was the Ethiopia Investment Summit, featuring high-level government officials and private-sector representatives. Ethiopia showcased the upcoming launch of the Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX) and shone a light on a host of upcoming PPP projects, including the USD2.4 billion affordable housing development project and the USD2 billion Indode Station Port Logistics Development Project.

The event is just one branch of AEL, which is transforming Africa’s business, trade and investment environment and striving to do its part to reduce poverty and increase revenue in all business sectors on a continental scale across all 54 countries in Africa. Alongside AFSIC – Investing in Africa AEL also runs: AFSIC African Investments Dashboard, a fintech platform showcasing Africa’s largest and most attractive investment opportunities and matching them to regulated institutional investors with a mandate to invest in Africa; and Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard, a fintech platform matching business, trade, and investment opportunities across Africa covering all business products, sectors, countries in Africa and multiple business objectives.