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Green Valley

A modern and livable city redefining urbanism, the Green Valley Eco City project is one of the most promising and innovative urban development projects in Latin America.

From a city-plaNnING perspective, Latin America is still a developing region and its main cities differ from other capitals in North America and Europe. There are major problems with traffic, pollution, and a bad track record in proper land use and urban planning. In the field of urban planning, Panama City is working hard to differentiate itself from neighboring countries, introducing and developing some of the most original and innovative projects in the entire region.

Green Valley is one of them: perfectly tuned in with the latest international trends that are redefining the concept of a “modern and livable city”, the Green Valley project can be considered as one of the most promising and innovative urban development projects not only in Panama, but also in the entire region. Almost 200 hectares will reinvent the Eco-City concept so that people will enjoy a better quality of life along with nature within the capital city.

The Spanish sociologist and economist Carlos Malo de Molina, is the creator of the ambitious project that will redefine and set a milestone for the development of the Panamanian landscape. During an exclusive interview with TBY, the General Manager said, “This kind of project is only viable in a country with the characteristics of Panama; fast development, real estate opportunities and qualitative land available. The location of the project is truly unique—you can see Panama’s bay from the mountain. The location is quite privileged too, similar to cities such as LA and San Francisco”.

The new Eco-City will host 100,000 people. It will provide 24,000 residential, recreational and commercial units by taking advantage of natural surroundings in order to have sustainable development. 72% of existing vegetation in the area will be preserved and integrated within the new city. Green Valley will feature spacious sidewalks and cycle routes that will link with several amenities and services such as schools, clinics, parks, leisure centers, a lake, and business areas. The location of the project is another appealing factor. The new city is rising just behind the Panama Golf Club with a direct access to the North Corridor. It is just twelve minutes from Tocumen International Airport, fifteen minutes from the city’s downtown area, and has a direct connection to Colon.

With a density of 1,500 inhabitants per hectare, the high density residential area will be characterized by lots starting from 2,500 sqm, while the medium density residential area, facing the lake with a direct access to the commercial district of Green Valley, is defined by plots with a minimum area of 2,000 sqm and will host buildings with a maximum height of 5 floors. The low density commercial area will occupy the most strategic district of the project. Exclusively for commercial use, it’s an appealing platform for developing any kind of business such as office units, restaurants, supermarkets, boutiques, stores and pubs.
The new city can host over 300 skyscrapers. The construction of the new district started two years ago and its development is steadily progressing: “By the end of 2016, we will enter the second stage and complete up to stage four and by summer of 2017, stage five will also be completed. This means that in less than two years, 70% of the project will be completed”, concludes Carlos Malo de Molina.

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