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Below is a selection of our recent Latin America publications.


The Business Year: Colombia 2022/23

The Business Year: Colombia 2022/23 is our 10th annual publication on the Colombian economy. We conducted research for this publication as the region emerged from the worst of COVID-19 restrictions and as the country elected its first-ever left-wing president. In this 200-page edition, which features interviews with top business leaders from across the economy, as well as news and analysis.


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The Business Year: Ecuador 2022The Business Year: Ecuador 2022 is our seventh annual publication on the Ecuadorian economy. Our research was carried out in the midst of COVID-19 and a major shift along the political spectrum following the election of Guillermo Lasso. A key objective of this publication is to measure the extent to which Lasso has fueled the business landscape with optimism.


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The Business Year: Mexico 2022This latest year-long period of research on the Mexican economy was marked by a sense of reflection and reinvention in the business community. In The Business Year: Mexico 2022 we cover: green economy, finance, energy, mining, industry, mining and telecoms, logistics, security, construction, real estate, agriculture, health, education, tourism, and sports.



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