Fantastic Fruit


A look at how an Azerbaijani company has been able to diversify its juice production and expand to all corners of the globe.

AZNAR collects its fruit from the region of Gokchay to serve its factory. The company employs staff to handpick the different varieties of fruit to suit the juice extraction purposes. The AZNAR factory is equipped with juice extraction lines allowing it to deal with a total of 20 tons of fruit per hour. The factory has a modern ultra filtration plant to produce clear juice if the market requires it.

Among its RTD products are the high-quality NFC apple, quince, grape, and mixed pomegranate juices, which complete its juice products portfolio. Another product group is the Specialties Group, in which the famous narsharab—pomegranate sauce—is produced with a recipe that has been passed down from father to son for many years. In this product range, AZNAR also produces other products, such as jams, compotes, and syrups, all from small local suppliers of fresh fruits. The company also helps to serve the hotel and restaurant sector by producing concentrates in its modern plants. The process involves evaporating the juice to make the concentrate, which is then stored in 220-liter drums in 1,100 sqm cold storage rooms at -18 °C.

As modern technology and society develops, AZNAR has looked at new ways to add value to its products from pomegranate residuals, such as taking seeds and skins and turning them into valuable products. Therefore, the company is heavily investing in pomegranate seed oil production. It is an extremely valuable oil that comes from the seeds after the juice is extracted from the arils, and has uses in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Since 2010, AZNAR has expanded its operations from the Gokchay region in Azerbaijan to three different time zones around the world. AZNAR can be found in New Zealand, the US, Russia, and Italy, and it is still progressing by building strong customer relationships in these countries. At the end of 2012, almost 15 different countries were being served by AZNAR and its affiliate commercial operations.

As this passion for superior quality and branded products continues, so does AZNAR’s future plans, which include a cool storage unit for almost 10 tons of fresh fruit, the drying of skins to produce valuable tannins, as well as enhancing some of its juice products with diverse types of packaging to increase the amount of markets that the company serves its products. AZNAR is a symbol of the Azerbaijani economy diverging from mainly oil exports to the newly invested non-oil industry by boasting new technology and a focus on healthy and ecologically friendly organic produce.

So far, AZNAR has invested over $55 million in modernizing its factories, buying new technology, and establishing orchards. However, it has also invested in the other parts of the agriculture sector in order to further grow the pomegranate business and maintain high-quality products. Therefore, AZNAR has acquired 1,100 hectares of land to plant and re-cultivate in order to develop new plantations with superior fruits for fresh consumption and juice production. Today, the company maintains over 600,000 trees by agronomists and specially educated staff under the consultation of some of the leading specialists in the world.

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