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Healthcare supply chains

Industry leaders are beginning to leverage the data hidden in their supply chains to improve efficiency and compliance.

The vaccine supply chain is currently one of the most complex supply chains in the world. This is no surprise when we consider the global nature of the pandemic and the size and scope of the nations that dominate the demand. These global supply chains involve different players from the production site to the point of delivery. Inevitably, data flow in such processes is complex and prone to delays. Networks are open to vulnerabilities, and compliance culture is often mismatched.

Improving supply chain transparency is a high priority for companies as consumers and regulators are pushing for more information on how the vaccine is transported from the manufacturing units to the point of delivery. Additionally, in order to be compliant with regulators, companies need to know exactly how their products are being handled at every stage of the manufacturing and shipping process.

To tackle the challenges imposed by global supply chains, industry leaders are beginning to leverage the data hidden in their supply chains to gain valuable intelligence. Real-time data acquired through end-to-end monitoring systems and supply chain visibility solutions has the potential to improve supply chain performance at an unprecedented rate. The insights resulting from uncovering supply chain blind spots empower supply chain managers and other senior decision makers to reduce risk in the supply chain, meet environmental and import requirements, and react to disruptions in the supply chain.

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