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Madayn, the public establishment for industrial estates, is leading the way in technological progress in Oman, with the goal of keeping the country at the forefront of development.

Considering how fast countries have evolved in terms of digital and technological transformation over the last decade, being able to keep up with the latest and most modern updates is a must for developed nations. The last 10 years have shown us how countries need to keep up with digital development in order to be connected between each other and benefit from this political, cultural, and economic processes called globalization, where nations all over the world can help each other to develop in several aspects. However, globalization has also shown how countries that are underdeveloped from a technological point of view may encounter certain issues while trying to keep up with other nations and states that invest in digital development. Therefore, Madayn certainly plays a key role in Oman’s digital transformation. Currently, Madayn operates in 10 industrial cities across the Omani territory, with a focus on developing a country at the forefront of technological development. What’s more, Madayn’s vision also sets an eye on sustainability and social development, with the purpose of building world-class business cities that can compete with the most technologically developed countries.

Through public and private investment, the company sets its goal to make Oman thrive in industrial development, generating job opportunities, and encouraging foreign countries to invest in Oman’s private sector. In that sense, it also seeks to promote the economic sectors in the Sultanate including transport, tourism, and banking, among others.

In order to achieve these goals, Madayn has been developing a wide range of initiatives such as the Communication and Investor Service Centre, the “Made in Oman” Campaign, or the Madayn Research Chair, characterized by an active collaboration between industry and the academia, what is vital for the country’s social and economic development.
One of the most prosperous initiatives is the National Business Centre, which will join companies in a world-class environment to provide businesses with access to the best markets and the biggest support from experts in the business sector. “At NBC, we are proud to be an enabler in the growth and sustainability of SmEs and, in the process, play a key role in job creation.”

Entrepreneurs are supported with facilities, marketing assistance, and legal advice in order to create the best of these emerging businesses. Apart from this project, Madayn recently announced the establishment of its Digital Project Management Office, with the purpose of keeping pace with technological trends and achieving the objectives of Madayn’s digital transformation strategy, pursuing Madayn Vision 2040.

In line with its commitment to the growth and development of the Sultanate’s competitiveness in all sectors, Madayn focuses its efforts on adapting its strategy to the priorities of Oman Vision 2040. In that sense, Madayn Vision 2040 is derived from the national goals: “Through this vision, we aim to achieve OMR15 billion of investment volume and localizing projects that will touch 10,000 projects in various fields toward the end of the plan. Of these projects, we aim at localizing 6,500 industrial projects (factories) that will provide around 270,000 job opportunities,” said Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, CEO of Madayn.

Omani government’s arm responsible for developing and managing digital transformation (Madayn) plays a key role in the nation, as its investments are focused on economic and social growth, ranging from the creation of jobs to keeping up with the latest technological industry. Implementing the most up-to-date digital reforms has become recently one of the most important aspects that countries all over the world need to keep an eye on, and Madayn is undoubtedly enabling Oman to be at the top of digital and technological transformation.

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