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Developments in 4G are happening as data use explodes, driving profits for telecoms firms.

As Turkey continues to be a growing force in a constantly growing economic market, its technological sector is also undergoing major changes with the possible advancement of mobile telecommunications technology. The country is presently using 3G, and the initiative to transition to 4G has been delayed from May 26 to August 26, due to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s initial opposition to the project. President Erdoğan pushed for 5G telecoms in the next two years, instead of delaying the technological market on 4G.

This decision was approved by former transport and communications minister Lutfi Elvan and the current Trade and Customs Minister Nurettin Canikli, who both supported the president’s comment regarding the technological advancement from 3G directly to 5G. Despite the fact that 5G telecoms would be highly preferred, Elvan mentioned the availability of 4G and 4.5G in the future market. The decision to incorporate 4G and 4.5G was made following the different changes that occurred in telecommunications sector, which aimed at developing Turkey’s technological advancements and market. Telecommunications experts had another opinion on the matter, explaining that two years would simply not be enough to transition to 5G as it would take more time to transition from one generation to the other, especially given the lack of popularity seen when seeking the transition to 4G in Turkey. The International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) has declared that the transition to 4G should be facilitated because of the new technologies available in the country. The passage to 4G or 4.5G should therefore be expedited and would take less time than to go from 3G to 5G. According to ICTA, the possible potential of 4G services should not be underestimated. By developing 4G, new opportunities will arise from the market, prompting the technological development of the country to go forward and to further acquire the necessary tools for a broader technological modernization. This modernization includes the natural acquisition of new and relevant technologies. Despite Turkey’s late acquisition of technologies such as 3G, the market has grown substantially and extended itself to the whole territory. The popularity of 3G development has not only boomed, reaching unbelievable figures, but it has also allowed the country’s citizens to connect on a national level and communicate with each other. From remote locations to major cities, telecommunications have altered the ways and customs of the country by bringing it in a new era, where frontiers and barriers no longer exist. The transition from 3G to 4G is therefore an essential step if Turkey plans to enter the strong market competition present in countries possessing 4G and 5G technologies.

The relevance of acquiring and developing 4G in Turkey can therefore be seen as vital and essential to the continuation of technological advancement in the country. Despite the initial opposition of President Erdoğan, the project is predicted to go forward and acquire 4G and 4.5G networks. By updating their technological development, they broaden, strengthen, and expand the market for future opportunities to develop a striving and competitive technology. 4G telecoms have proven their utility in countries such as the US, and it is a step that is necessary for the advancement of 5G technology in countries such as Turkey.

As for the original government’s opposition, officials have announced that 4G telecoms will be accessible to the country at the beginning of 2016.

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