On the Road

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority

The authorities of Sharjah have a number of aims, with a priority being improving the transport infrastructure of the Emirate in order to encourage more people use public transport, and improve safety on the roads.

The government and the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority have instigated a wide range of reforms and policies in an effort to improve the transport infrastructure of the Emirate and get more people onto public transport. The aim behind improving the provided transport services and infrastructure is to increase the rate of UAE local users on public transport. Many UAE nationals would rather use their own car; therefore to get them onto public transport the Authority has to improve the quality of the service while also improving the connections. Bus shelters will be supplied and installed in the near future where part of the shelter will be air conditioned in order to face the UAE climate. The recent freeing up of fuel prices will also encourage some car owner to use the public transport due to the increased cost of fuel. Another essential factor of a comfortable transport experience is the vehicle, which is why the Authority recently launched a number of new modern and safe buses to serve inter-city passengers. The new lines will also aid in attracting more passengers to public transport.


Along with the new buses, the Transport Authority has also invested AED100 million in the infrastructure in a suburb of Sharjah city, Muweileh. It was one of the largest infrastructure project initiated in 2014 by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority. The suburb, which is a new residential area, is mainly occupied by local citizens and is located in the north of of Sharjah and is currently 75% fully occupied. This project will bring about a higher quality of life for people by providing roads to public places, such as parks, schools, Masjids, and government buildings. It will also enhance the safety of road users and the air quality by eliminating the dust caused by cars driving on unpaved roads. In addition, it will encourage more people to move to the area.


The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority works with other bodies and agencies to see how best to improve the health and safety of its citizens. In coordination with Sharjah Police, the Authority has identified 15 locations that are considered to be high use by pedestrians in the city of Sharjah, three of which are classed as top priority: King Faisal Road, King Abdulaziz Road, and Alitihad Road. The Sharjah Urban Planning Council used it special architectural touch to develop three pedestrian bridges along these roads. The structural designs were awarded to an international consultant. The significant thing about the pedestrian bridges is that there will be an architectural design and a contemporary look to these bridges in addition to new features that was not used before. The aim of the bridges is to keep the pedestrians off the roads, which equates to a safer journey for the traffic on the roads and the pedestrians on the pavements.


The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority work with a number of strategic partners in order to attain many of its goals and ambitions. It often prefers to coordinate from an early stage planning the project, and so often deals with the Sharjah Urban Planning Council. It is considered to be the umbrella under which the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority works and receives guidance regarding projects and how to incorporate any future development regarding planned projects. In addition to this, the Sharjah Town Planning and Survey Authority works closely with us to provide the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority to work on the latest planning data and road alignment information. The Transport Authority coordinates and encourages all government authorities to work together in order to cover its needs during the design stage. In respect to the private sector, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority coordinates with it to study its needs and corporates to find solutions that benefit everyone involved, especially the citizens of Sharjah.