Telecoms & IT

SITE: KSA’s Gateway to Technology

Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE)

SITE is the tip of Saudi Arabia’s digital spear, offering a host of services that are enabling digitalization on an unprecedented scale.

Saudi Arabia has made great leaps in digital transformation in the past six years, propelled by its leadership’s ambitious Vision 2030 masterplan, and neither the pandemic nor other seemingly disruptive factors have affected its pace. Among the top objectives of this masterplan is to further open the country up to business and investment and foster a globally competitive economy in the IT and digital industries, with a closer look at the opportunities in this thriving industry and a watchful eye on the tumultuous landscape of cyberspace threats and risks.

Following the swift and successful mitigation of the pandemic, the Kingdom has uniquely positioned itself to adopt game-changing technologies with unprecedented speed. The Vision 2030 reform program had spent, legislated, and restructured the public sector and wider economy to adopt a series of technologies advances. The pandemic pushed some technological solutions to be adopted almost overnight. Indeed, the public sector and wider economy’s response to the pandemic also demonstrated the depth of the reform process over the past five or so years. From streamlining everything from logistics to health and education, the pandemic has in a way served as a vindication for Saudi Arabia’s internal reforms.

In the context of a digital world, new challenges and fresh threats have emerged. With the increased level of digitalization and global interconnectivity, maintaining a reliable and secure cyber presence has become a more pressing need. Here enters Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE), a company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and established with a defined purpose: to enable a secure digital transformation for public and private entities, and to facilitate the development of thriving digital technologies and cybersecurity industries in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 involves exciting ventures, including weaning the country off of a dependency on oil. SITE realizes that this cannot be without firm management and durable protection of digital assets across the country and trust in technology adoption, whether in infrastructure, systems, or transactions. SITE provides a complete array of secure-by-design digital services and solutions to support digital transformation and growth through four integrated business lines: cybersecurity services and solutions, secure cloud hosting and solutions, enterprise and software development, and human capital development in cyber and digital technologies. The company has been actively developing a suite of innovative technologies by leveraging the pool of the brightest minds and outstanding talents in the market, leading national and international partners.

The substantial growth that SITE has gone through in the last few years in highly competitive markets has cemented its status as an innovative leading provider and partner for a secure digital future; a generator of inspiration and successes. SITE’s progress and bright horizon marks a success story that runs parallel with the larger story of the Kingdom’s transformation. The new digital world, in which Saudi Arabia is set to play a leading role, will feel secure in the knowledge that organizations such as SITE are well positioned to tackle the new cyber challenges on the horizon.