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Innovative solutions accelerate digitalization & improve customer connections


Unifonic is developing innovative solutions to accelerate digitalization and improve customer connections.

All organizations, regardless of sector, need innovative solutions to stay relevant. The ability to engage with stakeholders via multiple channels and deliver superior customer service depends heavily on digital technologies. Companies need to understand which channels their customers are on and have the infrastructure to manage communications flows, eliminating friction points. And as a result, conversations will be enhanced and customer satisfaction improved.

At Unifonic, we’re focused on driving digital transformation and facilitating business messaging, so our clients can stay ahead. By using AI and automation, we give them the tools to deliver exceptional experiences that keep their customers feeling connected throughout the lifecycle. The potential for using technology to forge stronger connections is endless, and businesses can quickly reap the benefits of both ROI and operational efficiency.

Our mission is to make it easier and more effective for clients to communicate with their customers, despite increasing demands and constantly evolving technology. We do this by combining all their digital communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots in one place—providing one platform for every conversation. This cohesive approach allows companies to achieve personalized interaction at scale and analyze multiple data sources across touchpoints to improve their product or service. Clients can choose from a range of low-code API software solutions or work with us to create customized applications individually tailored to suit more complex needs.

As part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, the Kingdom is taking dynamic steps to create value for society and the organizations that serve its citizens. Customer experience is at the forefront of the nation’s transformation, and with such a young, digitally-engaged population, expectations in KSA are undoubtedly high. While CX transformation can be challenging for companies to navigate, we’re here to support them on that journey. Saudi Arabia is fast emerging as a leading destination for enhanced CX, and we’re pleased to play a pivotal role in its progress.

Unlocking opportunities for growth

As we continue to grow with our clients, our priority is developing cutting-edge technologies that meet the market need. We are always exploring ways to keep pace with change across channels so that we can share our technological expertise with customers in sectors like government, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, and more.

One of Unifonic’s most recent developments is the evolution of our no-code omnichannel tool, Flow Studio. Part of the broader Unifonic platform, Flow Studio now connects to over 80 of the world’s leading sales, marketing, support and operation platforms, for example, Hubspot, Netsuite, Shopify, MS Office, Mailchimp, Slack, SAP, and more. Native integration, plus multiple features such as reusable templates, triggers, and chatbots, make it easier to automate processes and create meaningful interactions for enhanced customer experiences.

Another one of our solutions is the programmable Voice API. This allows organizations to customize their turnkey voice experiences with programmable APIs that connect teams and customers securely.  Since it launched, we have seen significant demand for voice in Saudi Arabia, especially among larger entities looking to improve the quality of their customer care. We’re now looking forward to launching the solution in the UAE.

Empowering an ecosystem through education and investment

Unifonic aligns with the values of Vision 2030 in many ways, one of which is the importance of developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The government framework pledges to create “economic opportunities for the entrepreneur, the small enterprise as well as the large corporation” and having begun as a Saudi start-up, we are passionate about supporting a new wave of entrepreneurs to succeed.

In partnership with The Space, we recently opened applications for the second cohort of our UnifonicX Accelerator Program, targeting Saudi entrepreneurs and start-up founders in the cloud communications and SaaS industries, focusing on security and privacy, customer experience, and digital transformation. The program supports early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing, speeding up the validation, business development, and go-to-market process for start-ups within three to four months. Through mentorship and hands-on learning activities, it teaches essential skills for running a business, including sales and marketing, communications, finance and technical capabilities. With the knowledge gained from the Accelerator Program, participants will be one step closer to unlocking an opportunity for future funding.

The UnifonicX Accelerator Program is one of three pillars underpinning the wider UnifonicX initiative, including the UnifonicX Venture Builder and UnifonicX Academy. Currently, the primary focus is on the Accelerator Program, with the overarching goal of graduating 100 co-founders within three years. Through UnifonicX we want to foster innovation and encourage a steady stream of ideas with the strength to attract investment and build a sustainable future.

The future is conversational

To conclude, companies need to adopt new ways of thinking when it comes to their customer experience journeys and they need to develop the ability to interact through different channels without losing context. Now is the time to invest in conversational capabilities and prioritize experience-centric connections so that customers, citizens, and businesses can move forward into an exciting digital future together.