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Women in Gaming

Turkey’s Mobile Game Industry

Women outscore men on mobile games in Turkey.

If you think that computer gaming is yet another male-dominated industry then you would be very wrong.

Women make up 45% of US gamers according to 2018 estimates, while in emerging markets this trend seems to hold true.

Turkish game market

The global gaming industry has grown rapidly, and Turkey has established a prominent position in this giant market.

Meriç Eryürek, Digital Game Design lecturer from Bahcesehir University Faculty of Communication, noted in a recent interview that Turkish game exports were worth over USD1 billion in 2018, spread across hundreds of firms.

With a 24.7% annual growth rate, Turkey is one of the most vibrant gaming markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. It also stands out thanks to its young population.

Among the most successful Turkish game development companies are TaleWorlds Entertainment, Peek Games, Gram Games, Panteon, and Mildmaniab.

Being a woman in the world of gaming

The proportion of Turkish mobile gamers who identify as women was 51.6% in 2017, according to research firms Nielsen and AdColony, while creative and innovative game design is increasingly the work of talented Turkish women.

For example, by integrating video art with mobile games, OYUNDER board member Simay Dinç has developed the world’s first mobile cinematographic game, Recontact. It has been selected as Turkey’s best mobile game in 2015 by Apple.

Dinç noted that “In Turkey, 51% of mobile gamers are women but the ratio of female game developers is just 22%.”

While this number may still be low, women are clearly starting to make a mark in the Turkish gaming sector.

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