Sail Away, Sail Away

Yachts & luxury leisure options and sports in the Balearics

While the archipelago of Balearic Islands establishes itself as one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe, the luxury pastime of yachting is gaining in popularity.

Off the eastern coast of Spain lie four major islands and a number of islets, forming the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. The economy of these islands, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera and their satellite islets heavily relies on tourism thanks to their Mediterranean climate, social freedoms, and safety.

The Balearic Islands have become a scene for summertime activities, energetic nightlife, and clubbing. Ibiza, in particular, has seen a massive growth in its entertainment industry, with the number of arrivals jumping almost back to pre-pandemic levels immediately after the lifting of lockdowns and travel restrictions in the summer of 2021. With the summer of 2022, approaching the region is ready to entertain a new influx of visitors.

As the archipelago is turning into a playground of rising musicians, off-season athletes, and all types of well-to-do businesses-people taking a break, there is no wonder that luxury pastimes are becoming popular.

Yachting in Mallorca is gaining in popularity among the wealthier brackets of holiday-makers in Balearic Islands.

The proximity of the four major islands making the autonomous community, the tranquility of the waters surrounding the region, and the archipelago’s maritime links with the major port of Barcelona makes yachting highly feasible.

Floating yachts around azure waters has long been regarded as a quintessentially luxurious recreational activity. Yachting is one of the main attractions of the island along with fun-in-the-sun and partying—only with more panache and a touch of glamour for those who can afford it.

And, Puerto de Palma, in the west of the Isle of Mallorca is where many yachts coming from Barcelona in mainland Spain drop anchor over the summer, leaving the port for a short sail around the Bay of Palma—at times, sailing all the way to the Balearic Sea and the isle of Ibiza—that epicenter of all-night-long clubbing and electronic music in Spain, if not the whole of Southern Europe.

If you are not a fan of extreme partying and loud electronic music, you can instead set sail for Menorca, which is famous for its Jeep safari tours, or Formentera, which is a nerve-soothing escape for boaters in search of pleasantly calm days on the seaside. Both islands have docking facilities to berth your boats.

If you do not own a boat, rest assured that many yacht charter companies and yachting clubs are based in Mallorca, from which you can charter a yacht to spend a day afloat surrounded by fine delicacies and beverages in the company of likeminded friends.

Yachts are usually chartered for a group of 8-12, mostly for one-day voyages; but, most charter companies in Mallorca will happily serve you for longer journeys.

If you and your entourage are particularly into sailing, luxury boats such as the one named The Black Pearl can be chartered for up to two weeks.

The archipelago’s fleet of luxury yachts also berth in other wharves across Mallorca.

Puerto Portals , located to the west of  Puerto de Palma, which is only a short driving distance (10 km) away from the capital city of the community, Palma de Mallorca, is often frequented by A-listing celebrities from across the world.

The coastal neighborhood with its high-end boutiques and fine dining restaurants has made a name for itself over the last thirty years, gaining the nickname Charter Point.

Familiar Hollywood faces such as Paris Hilton, Jim Carrey and billionaires such as Bill Gates have been known to frequent the port for some yachting during the summer.

With over 650 yachts only berthing in Puerto Portals, many businesses related to yachting have been launched in the island, ranging from yacht maintenance services to yacht crew providers and party planners.

There is even a specialized sailing academy, Aigua Sea School, which trains the boating crew needed to keep the industry afloat. There are also sailing classes for non-professionals who wish to navigate their own yachts and speedboats.

Shipyards specializing in yachts, speedboats, and traditional sailing boats have naturally set up shop on the island. Sanlorenzo Spain, one of Europe’s biggest names in the design and construction of luxury boats has been making custom-built luxury yachts in Mallorca for 30 years.

Yachting in Mallorca can have a competitive side, too. Palma Boat Show and Palma Super-yacht Show attract crowds to admire the glamorous looks of the island’s creations. It is no exaggeration to say that yacht-building has become an art in Mallorca—an art which is expected to draw over 15 million to the archipelago in the coming summer.

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