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Kuwait Investment Outreach


2024 marks the 125th anniversary of UK-Kuwait diplomatic relations and the 70th anniversary of the Kuwait Investment Office (KIO) in London. The UK and Kuwait share a strong trade and investment relationship, with the total volume of trade almost doubling last year. Moreover, the UK’s announcement in July that Kuwaiti nationals will be able to […]

Unlocking Mexico’s Nearshoring Horizon

Club 51, Mexico City , Mexico

This event delves into the thriving landscape of nearshoring opportunities in Mexico, where innovation meets strategic partnerships. As industries continue to evolve and adapt in an increasingly interconnected world, Mexico has emerged as a beacon of growth and potential for businesses seeking to expand their operations. This event brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and […]

The Kuwait Innovation Forum

Arraya Ballroom, Kuwait City , Kuwait

Join us for this captivating event as we celebrate the spirit of innovation within Kuwait’s thriving business sector. Despite challenges, Kuwait’s economy has remained remarkably resilient and buoyant. Through engaging discussions, expert panels, and inspiring success stories, we will explore how businesses in Kuwait have embraced innovation to overcome obstacles, drive growth, and shape a […]

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