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1-on-1 with Dr Shawn L. Dilly, Director General, Emirates National Schools

Thursday / Mar 24 2022 15:30 - 16:30 UTC+4




The UAE’s laser focus on education forms part of the nation’s ambitions to develop a knowledge-based economy. Within this context, schools across the UAE are taking pioneering steps, introducing new innovations and putting radical theories into practice.Emirates National Schools (ENS) are a series of schools offering primary and secondary education across the Emirates to help to help students reach their full potential and become role models in the community. ENS follows a combined US curriculum with more recently introduced the International Baccalaureate (IB) programs, including the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma. While its programs are in the line with best international practices, it is the content and culture underpinning the curriculum that warrants attention.

There is risk in leaning too heavily on traditional career models given the rapid changes that have taken place in recent decades. There is now a clear need to continuously evolve programs based on changing labor needs and the emergence of new technologies and trends, such as automation, AI, and sustainability. It is this approach that lies at the heart of Emirates National Schools’ mode of thinking. ENS is focusing on “future readying” its students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Amidst these exciting developments, The Business Year sits down with Dr. Shawn Lee Dilly, Director General of ENS, to discuss his vision and the schools’ approach to some of the most engaging issues facing education institutions today. Moderated by Neslihan Aydagül, TBY’s Managing Director in the UAE, this 1-on-1 live event will shed light on the challenges and opportunities ahead for ENS.


Dr Shawn L. Dilly

Director General Emirates National Schools (ENS)

Neslihan Aydagül

Managing Director UAE The Business Year

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