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Essa Mohammed  Ali Kaldari

QATAR - Energy & Mining

A Different Strategy

CEO, Qatar Primary Materials Co (QPMC)


TBY talks to Essa Mohammed Ali Kaldari, CEO of Qatar Primary Materials Co (QPMC), on the Energy sector.

How have you been working to diversify materials and sources after the blockade?

QPMC was established in 2006 to ensure we had adequate stock of the primary materials required for the construction sector from an aggregate point of view as well as washed sand and dune sand. When the blockade took place, most of the supplies came from the UAE, resulting in a huge shortage. QPMC made its strategic stock available to supply all projects. We were able to supply the entire construction industry until the supply from outside was secured again.

What was the role of QPMC in securing materials for the construction of all the projects related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Since we had a close coordination with all the strategic projects, namely Ashghal, FIFA, and Kahramaa, we had detailed knowledge of market demand. They always communicated their needs with us so we could arrange materials according to different projects. However, at present, we have a different strategy. We are working closely with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Ashghal to see how we can use the materials available in Qatar, especially with regard to recycling. There are several dump sites across Qatar where the majority of the waste is construction waste, which means we can recycle it. By doing this, we will acquire materials and help the environment.

How have you been working to guarantee the quality and environmentally friendly products?

We have certain specifications and we are obliged to be in compliance with Qatar Construction Specifications 2014 (QCS 2014), and soon, new regulations and requirements for different types of materials will be in place. Notably, we are under discussions with the relevant stakeholders in Oman to establish a lab to guarantee the quality of the material coming to Doha. At the same time, we are establishing our recycling operations, which will contribute positively to saving the environment.

What will be the priorities for QPMC in 2019?

The priority for us is to make sure that the whole construction industry is well fed with the required raw materials, especially all projects related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The second priority is to start recycling; we are going to start with the construction waste but we intend to recycle other types of waste materials. The third priority is to help Qatari companies export their finished products.



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