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Elkhan Bashirov

AZERBAIJAN - Real Estate & Construction

A Fast Globalizing Company

President, Matanat A


Elkhan Bashirov was born in 1968 and studied Mechanical Engineering at Azerbaijan State Polytechnic University. In 1992, he established the EFTB cooperative and became its Director. In 2000, he founded Matanat A, and has been its President ever since. Since 2001, he has been a member of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and since 2004 he has been Chairman of the Absheron District Association of Business People.

How would you assess the company’s performance in 2013? Overall, 2013 was a successful and important year for the country. Marking its 15th anniversary, Matanat A continued its development last […]

How would you assess the company’s performance in 2013?

Overall, 2013 was a successful and important year for the country. Marking its 15th anniversary, Matanat A continued its development last year and managed to significantly expand its customer base both in and outside the country. The company has fully met its objectives regarding the development of human potential, globalization, and the application of state-of-the-art technologies. In 2013, Matanat A tried to maintain its course toward innovation, participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions, and won several awards. We are hopeful that our products will continue to be of interest to our domestic and foreign customers in 2014, too.

The nanotechnologies Matanat A showcased at the 2013 BakuBuild exhibition were some of the most memorable events of the show. What does Matanat A do to improve technology for the production of construction materials?

The market is powered by competition. Over time, all service sectors undergo change and have to adapt to demand. In the 21st century, consumers give preference to cost-effective and quality products. To keep ahead of the market, we are always on the lookout for new technologies. We are always interested in bringing them to the country and applying them to our production. The application of nanotechnologies in the sphere of building materials in Azerbaijan was initiated by Matanat A. By pioneering the introduction of cutting-edge technologies we further increased the effectiveness of our production. Then we introduced SMART nanotechnology, which enables effective time management, saves energy resources, and makes the best use of the production capacity.

Matanat A has received numerous awards from the Azerbaijan-Russia Business Cooperation Chamber for the quality of its products. How important is the Russian market for Matanat A?

One of the goals of Matanat A is globalization. Our top priorities have always been expansion into foreign markets and the successful representation of the national economy abroad. Of course, it is also important if there is cooperation with these countries at a state level. We are primarily focused on the markets of Russia, Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. It is, therefore, no coincidence that we attach special importance to the MosBuild exhibition held in the capital of Russia every year. I would like to emphasize that MosBuild is not the only exhibition in Russia we are interested in attending. Of course, all this has been made possible thanks to the policy of economic cooperation pursued by President Ilham Aliyev. We, for our part, are trying to contribute to this cooperation.

“ The color green, which symbolizes nature and environmental protection, is also present in our logo. “

How does Matanat A apply environmentally friendly standards to its production processes?

The construction materials sector is fairly specific. Of course, no business or individual would want to cause harm to nature and the environment in which we all live. Unfortunately, industrial production inevitably involves environmental pollution. From the first day of our operations, we have adopted green business as our guiding principle. The color green, which symbolizes nature and environmental protection, is also present in our logo. We cooperate closely with both government agencies and NGOs by organizing various projects and campaigns in the area of environmental protection. The most important goal of these projects is to prevent environmental pollution. I think this is a very important issue. As you may be aware, 2010 was declared the “Year of Ecology” in Azerbaijan and it is very gratifying that as a result of several surveys commissioned in the country, Matanat A received the Friend of the Environment award. Our company applies international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, among others. All our structural subdivisions are required to build their operations in accordance with applicable regulatory and legal documents.

How would you describe the company’s human resources strategy and its contribution to the creation of jobs and the training process?

Human resources are the core of any business. In fact, the development of human potential is a national priority. Our company is also trying to expand its activities in this direction and is applying advanced management techniques. The production of quality goods and the implementation of a successful business strategy are underpinned by a number of factors. I believe that the first and foremost of these is a professional team and a healthy team spirit. A qualified and motivated team is the driving force of any business development. Realizing this, Matanat A has created favorable conditions for its staff to be able to realize their potential. The pleasant working conditions, team spirit, and availability of various training, educational, and career growth opportunities are always at the top of the company’s agenda. In addition to specialized in-house training, our employees are also sent to international workshops and seminars to further improve their knowledge and skills, study modern management techniques, and stay abreast of innovations.

Finally, what will be the key developments for Matanat A in 2014?

As was the case in previous years, in 2014 our focus will also be on participation in the implementation of state programs and the overall development of the country. To do this, we need to become a sustainably developing business. We are prepared to purchase the technologies required for further development, train a qualified workforce, adopt sophisticated management techniques, and produce a broader assortment of goods. I am confident that our company will continue its course toward globalization in 2014 and become a model for other businesses to follow.



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