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Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Portugal


As the General Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Portugal, Carlos Leite has been responsible for the Enterprise Group division since 2012. Previously, he held the position of commercial director of Mercado Empresarial. At HP since 2003, he has embraced the challenge of leading the server and storage business unit. His track record in sales management precedes his entry into HP, taking over the positions of sales and marketing director at Nexenter Portugal and Commercial Director at WorldCom. He has more than 25 years of experience in sales and management in multinationals in the IT field and has a degree in organization and company management.

Since acquiring Aruba, HPE has seen double-digit growth in its networking area.

Can you give us a short overview of the evolution of HPE?

HPE is a new company, founded in 2015, as a result of a spin off, though we have the values and DNA of the “old” HP, with 75 years of innovative culture. The advantage of creating a separate company was that we’d accelerated our time-to-market and optimized our portfolio, from the edge to the cloud (including IT infrastructure, software, and services), which gave us the ability to focus on our value proposition of helping customers in their digital transformation journey. The company was well received by the market, and customer satisfaction is increasing in line with growth. We are in great shape, and I’m confident of a strong performance in the 2019 fiscal year.

What makes the local market unique, and which of HPE’s solutions generate the most sales in Portugal?

Portugal is a mature country in terms of technology, and we have many early adopters. We can lead new initiatives because of our skilled workforce and disposition toward technologies. We have the right scale to be considered a country for pilots, because the costs are not that high if something goes wrong. So many companies are considering Portugal as a great location to create their competence and innovation centers. We started in the private space, though now the public sector is also open to investing. HPE offers IT solutions from the edge, to the cloud and the core, including servers, storage, and networking infrastructure, as well as software and services. We need to address solutions, because customers do not have the time or resources to assemble and maintain all their infrastructure. They want to receive easy-to-use packaged solutions that include hardware, software, and services, and that’s what we deliver. We keep our datacenter solutions sales strong and had a great double-digit growth in the edge area (i.e. everything that is not in the datacenter) since the reinforcement of our networking portfolio with the acquisition of the company Aruba.

How would you assess HPE’s financial performance in Portugal?

We are growing across our entire portfolio. We have the largest market share in servers and see growth there. We also see a great deal of growth coming from our Aruba acquisition, which creates double-digit growth in our networking area. In terms of storage, we are growing in the enterprise space. We have a solid presence in the SMB segment and are capturing market share with our new storage solutions. The growth in storage was also double-digit, while services also had strong results. Our strength with all of these offerings is the combination of our portfolio. We are only ones to have the edge-to-cloud strategy. Edge is everything that is not a data center, and with the Aruba acquisition, we have a strong portfolio. 75% of data does not go to the data center; it stays on the edge. We partner with Microsoft, ICP, and SIS to accomplish our AI products. We are dealing with extremely powerful IT solutions services.

What about the cloud? Are the Portuguese customers moving to public clouds?

Some customers will “stay” in their data centers due to the cost-benefit relationship. It is easy and secure to store data internally. For others, public clouds could be the best approach, such as with start-ups, new lines of business, or special projects. We see a multi-cloud environment in the future, both on private and public clouds that we call hybrid IT. Customers will have a different approach, with internal clouds with some automation and fast provisioning, as well as different public cloud providers. In fact, Portuguese customers are already approaching us to help them get a holistic view of all these clouds, independently of whether they are internal or external to the data center. They are also very interested in new ways of consuming IT, besides the public cloud. HPE is a pioneer in this area with its flexible capacity and GreenLake Solutions: we offer customers the possibility of a cloud like a consumption experience, but with the datacenter on the premises and the associated advantages of more control and security. Basically, we want to help customers to reduce risks and costs without lessening security. It is about increasing efficiency and access.



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