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Amir Karbasi Milani

IRAN - Economy

A Lending Hand

Managing Director, Milani Law Firm


Amir Karbasi Milani established Milani Law Firm in 2004 after he was admitted by the Central Bar Association of Iran to practice law as attorney at law. That same year he started a master’s degree program at Shahid Beheshti University, one of the most prestigious universities of Iran and formerly known as National University of Iran, to continue his studies in International Trade Law.

In which areas of law do you have expertise and do you provide services? Milani Law Firm renders legal services in areas of law such as civil law, commerce law, […]

In which areas of law do you have expertise and do you provide services?

Milani Law Firm renders legal services in areas of law such as civil law, commerce law, corporate law, intellectual property (IP) law, foreign investment, oil & gas law, construction projects, debt collection, litigation, and arbitration. The firm renders registry and company formation services as well. This includes the establishment of all types of possible legal entities that have been permitted to establish, such as branch offices and representative offices of foreign companies, private joint stock companies, and limited liability companies, for example. The IP department of the firm is one of the leading IP service providers in Iran. The IP department renders trademark, patent, and industrial design registration services, and pursues IP infringement. In short, the firm provides a varied range of legal services while focusing on international services.

What capabilities make Milani Law Firm the right fit for international companies that are looking for a legal representative in Iran?

The team at Milani Law Firm is composed of young, talented and aggressive attorneys with years of experiences in different areas of business law. All of our associates are qualified lawyers admitted by the Central Bar Association of Iran, who have completed master and PhD degree programs by the most prestigious universities of Iran. The point that distinguishes us is hard work in the framework of team working. Our associates have deep knowledge and experience in the specific area of law that they serve clients in. Due to experience with different clients from different jurisdictions they are familiar with different cultures as well.

Do you see a need to develop the legal infrastructure in Iran as a result of the internationalization of Iran’s economy?

In recent years, the Iranian government has established modern legal infrastructures with the purpose of refreshing domestic laws with international standards. Meanwhile, certain efforts have been made to modernize the laws using international models of law. Iran is a member of a several globalized conventions that help to promote international business. For example, Iran is member of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, signed in New York in 1958, the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, and many other multilateral conventions as well as bilateral ones.

What is your advice for international companies that want to understand the legal aspects of doing business in Iran?

Legal professionals who have studies in law, in particular with emphasis on international aspects of law, may help foreign companies to protect their rights and interests in Iran. The firm’s associates are available to assist foreign companies by giving them an overview of the Iranian legal systems and supportive options.

What is your otutlook for the upcoming year?

After the lifting of international sanctions and the presidential elections that resulted in a second term for President Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s economic growth has been expedited. The presence of numerous business delegations from different countries, the interest from foreign companies in taking part in the Iranian market, and the conclusion of unprecedented business contracts with companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Renault, and Peugeot, all point to a thriving economic future for Iran.



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