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José Eduardo dos Santos

MOZAMBIQUE - Diplomacy

A Shared Future

President, Angola


President José Eduardo dos Santos was born in a Luanda shantytown in 1942. He joined the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) in 1961. He spent six years in the Soviet Union where he graduated as a petroleum engineer. He then underwent further military training and became, on returning to Angola, the head of the MPLA’s communications machinery. After independence, he became Angola’s first Foreign Minister, later becoming the First Deputy Prime Minister. In December 1978, he became Minister of Planning. Dos Santos is the current President of Angola, serving in this position since 1979.

José Eduardo dos Santos, President of Angola, speaks on the countries' shared future, bilateral relations, and developing the economy.

Mozambique and Angola are connected by deep historical ties, particularly in terms of the solidarity reached through the fight for the liberation of our people, which led to independence of both countries in 1975.

Sons of our nations, such as Eduardo Mondlane, Samora Machel, and Agostinho Neto, who cleared the ground for the independent and sovereign states of today, must keep the flame of dignity and prosperity alight for future generations. Now that we have overcome the worst period of this struggle, we must focus our attention on the consolidation of peace and economic cooperation, founded on the excellent political and diplomatic relations that exist between these two countries. We are also both entering the same geopolitical space in the same sub-regional organizations.

Ever since the 1978 and the General Agreement for Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation, which led to the creation of the Bilateral Cooperation Committee, our diplomats and functionaries have been meeting regularly. These organizations are needed to improve and expand our relations, especially in institutional and managerial terms, through the public and private sectors.

We already developed bilateral cooperation in many sectors, and this is improved through mutual effort. We hope that these efforts help to support agriculture, fishing, tourism, banking, geology, mining, commerce, security, and public order. We also wish to promote an exchange of experience in the areas which we have seen success, such as education, combating hunger and poverty, and the exploitation of oil and gas.

We have noticed with satisfaction the benefits of activities related to Cooperation Protocol between Angola’s Ministry of Territory and Mozambique’s Ministry of State and Administration. It would be desirable to extend this cooperation experience in terms of jobs and professional formation, which are crucial for the ongoing economic diversification and promotion of small and medium sized companies, to increase production of services and goods in our countries. As a partner country, Angola will maintain support and be trusting and available to engage in initiatives that will benefit both countries.

Being in the same African region, we have a common fate. As a result, we must share reflections to adopt common policies, which can handle the wishes and expectations of our people. Our institutions are open to dialog at all levels, aware that from the discussion a light will shine to guide our paths in the search for solutions to our challenges we face in the process of peace consolidation, stability, security, development, and prosperity.



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