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Abdulilah Alromaih

VP, Jazeera Paints COMPANY


Abdulilah Alromaih studied business and administration and graduated from King Khaled University. As well as his role as VP at Jazeera Paints Company, he sits on various boards of directors.

"Our focus was and still is on quality and producing a high-quality, all-weather paint that meets all our customer’s requirements and needs."
TBY talks to Abdulilah Alromaih, VP of Jazeera Paints COMPANY, about the market and growth strategies.
What have been the main milestones for Jazeera Paints, helping it become one of the leading producers of paints in the Kingdom?

Our focus was and still is on quality and producing a high-quality, all-weather paint that meets all our customer’s requirements and needs. The milestones that Jazeera achieved start from sourcing the raw material to producing it with the best, latest technology in terms of machinery and transportation, until it reaches the end user. Our showrooms are unique in terms of the space, lighting, the environment, the sales team professionalism, and the availability of products. The color range of our products is endless.

What potential does Saudi Arabia have to become a major exporter of paints?

We are already in the GCC region and the northern part of Africa. We also are looking at expanding to Europe in the next five years. Every year, a new company enters the market, and the competition between companies gives us improved raw materials for the Saudi market. The Kingdom is rich in many of the minerals we use in our industry. From titanium to calcium carbonate and silica, we can use them for high quality paint for all climate conditions. We cover the entire GCC, including Yemen, and currently export to Iraq and East and North Africa. In 2021, we set up a factory in Egypt that has enabled us to enter North Africa and serve the African continent.

Jazeera Paint has grown in the last two years. What has been its strategy?

We have managed to grow even during the pandemic. The pandemic positively changed our focus. We had digitalized our systems before and were, therefore, prepared when the pandemic broke out. We already had a platform running. It was the perfect moment to launch our application, and we were the first to sell paint online through our website. We started advertising and got closer to our customers than any competitor. We learned a great deal from this opportunity; for example, the majority of our online customers were women keen to fix up their homes. Furthermore, there are more artists purchasing specialized products for their art.



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