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Abdulla Al Marzooqi

General Manager, Abu Dhabi Golf Club


Abdulla Al Marzooqi is a member of the executive board of directors at Abu Dhabi Golf Club. His extensive background in the oil and gas industry has equipped him with the leadership skills and business acumen to ensure that the golf course remains a vital and attractive component of Abu Dhabi tourism. In addition to his operational responsibilities, Al Marzooqi also plays a key role in developing and implementing agronomy plans to maintain the course’s pristine condition, offering a playing experience that is unparalleled in the region.

"There are different categories of golf courses. Abu Dhabi Golf Club is a premium golf course where people take pride in being a member."
Abdulla Al Marzooqi is General Manager of Abu Dhabi Golf Club.
Abu Dhabi Golf Club has 162ha and one of the best world-class 27-hole championship golfing facilities anywhere. What are the venue’s activities and to whom are they oriented?

We call Abu Dhabi Golf Club the Home of Champions, and we have hosted the Abu Dhabi championship for 16 consecutive years, attracting all the top golfers. This is an iconic place for golfers, just like the Eifel Tower is for tourists. The way the golf course is designed makes the facility a golfing retreat. Our guests have golf as a lifestyle, and use the facility as a place to visit with their friends, eat, drink, and socialize. And we have customers who visit, whom we call the walking golfers, as well as tourists. We also have the Junior Falcon Program, and a very good academy for kids of all ages. We also run the three-day Junior Championship now for boys and girls ranging from 12 to 20 years of age, competing, and striving to be the golfers of the future. There are also many people keen to learn how to play golf, at a venue where they can bring their family and friends to have something to eat and drink as well. In summary, we have a lot of young golfers, but at the same time, we also have an association with an overseas organization that brings golfers to us.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club takes pride in its atmosphere and networking opportunities. Which are the main advantages of being a member of the club?

There are different categories of golf courses. Abu Dhabi Golf Club is a premium golf course where people take pride in being a member. As for the golf conditions themselves, the green, and the trees we have here are amazing. We are in the desert, but it feels like we are in a forest. If you are a bird watcher, you will find many different species here, too. We have a large variety of food outlets, as well as the Westin Hotel where you can stay and walk easily to the golf course, and such are the comforts we provide for the people who stay here. This golf course was designed and constructed in an iconic way by Peter Herradine, and all the upgrades, modifications, and innovations were consulted with him. He occasionally visits.



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