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Abdullah AlGhanim

KUWAIT - Real Estate & Construction

Abdullah Al-Ghanim

General Manager, Mashhin Real Estate


Abdullah Al-Ghanim is an alumnus of Northern Arizona University. Based in Kuwait, he currently oversees the family business Mashhin Real Estate, encompassing a diverse portfolio that includes real estate, automotive, and insurance sectors. His academic background has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of managing and expanding the company’s business ventures.

"Mashhin, established in early 2014, began as a real estate company managing our family’s property holdings."
Mashhin Real Estate strategically manages residential, commercial, and industrial properties while prioritizing location and suitable tenants, aiming to create harmonious environments.
Can you provide an overview of Mashhin Real Estate?

Mashhin, established in early 2014, began as a real estate company managing our family’s property holdings. Our portfolio, predominantly in Kuwait, primarily consists of residential properties supplemented by commercial and industrial spaces. We regard residential buildings as a secure investment, even though commercial properties have the potential for higher profits. The Kuwaiti commercial market presents certain risks, leading to a cautious approach. The challenge with commercial real estate, such as malls or buildings, lies in tenant occupancy, as filling these spaces in the local market can be difficult.

How do you help your clients select the right properties or tenants?

At Mashhin, we believe that the right location is everything. Most of our residential properties are in great spots, and because we acquired these locations a long time ago, we can offer extremely competitive deals on rent. This is a major plus for us and the landlords we work with, as it gives us an edge over others with higher prices. We are extremely selective when choosing tenants—we do not just rent to anyone. We look into the potential tenants to ensure they are an excellent fit. It is not just about getting the place rented; it is about crafting the perfect vibe and ensuring a smooth-running place for everyone. We are focused on more than just renting out spaces—we care about making sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone is happy. By choosing the right tenants from the start, we save ourselves trouble down the road. It is all part of how we do things at Mashhin, ensuring our places are not just buildings but homes where people can feel good about living.

What is Mashhin Real Estate Company’s strategy for partnering with companies and tenants?

We are committed to forging partnerships with internationally acclaimed real estate developers, especially those with a robust presence in the GCC. Our current collaboration with DR, a renowned publicly owned Saudi company and an affiliate of Dar Al Arkan, exemplifies this strategy. In Kuwait, Mashhin proudly stands as the exclusive representative of DR, facilitating the resale of its overseas real estate properties. We recognize the keen interest in real estate investment among many investors in Kuwait. Mashhin serves as a vital conduit, connecting these investors with distinguished companies in the real estate market. This synergy not only benefits our clients but also enhances the business prospects of our partners. At the heart of our operations is a commitment to contract transparency. We prioritize ensuring that all our contracts are clear, comprehensive, and ready for our clients. Our objective is to provide a reliable and trustworthy platform for property acquisition underpinned by a transparent and credible transaction process.

What differentiates you from your competitors in Kuwait?

Mashhin strives always to deliver superior and differentiated services to its customers. One of our key differentiators is working hand in hand with our partners, specifically those owned by the government. This is something that helps us differentiate ourselves in the market. Mashhin has extensive experience, with over 55 years in the market. Ultimately, pricing guides the market, and we provide competitive prices since we deal with our buildings and properties. This means our costs are significantly lower than our competitors.

How do you implement new innovative measures when refurbishing or managing properties?

We focus on providing better service to all our tenants, ultimately increasing our rents’ prices. However, we provide a better analysis for every single tenant. We concentrate on providing high-end service and easy solutions. Having easy solutions benefits both parties—our work also becomes easier by digitalizing the payment form. Moving forward, we intend to focus more on digitalization, which will help us enhance our services and, at the same time, get more things done faster.



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