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OMAN - Telecoms & IT

Abdullah Al-Kindi

CEO, Osos


With over 14 years of experience within the software enterprise solutions industry, Abdullah Al-Kindi has held management positions at large international software companies.

"Osos is a global company based out of Oman that started with the goal of transforming industries."
Osos has achieved success in automating processes and providing solutions for companies to become more competitive in all areas of their business, regardless of the sector.
Can you provide a brief introduction of the company’s history and its current activities?

Osos is a global company based out of Oman that started with the goal of transforming industries. 15 years ago, instead of using software created by other organizations Osos decided to create its own ERP to accommodate the gaps that we identified in the market. Upon the release and positive feedback, we realized we had created something special with our GEARS ERP software. Osos then started to develop more and more industry-specific solutions and achieved a global reach of 17 countries in four continents and counting. We have been able to reach such an expansive network of countries because of the structure of our business and our core values. At Osos, the single most important value we hold which is also the key to our success is our ability to build end-to-end partnerships. We have core products that we distribute to our clients; however, where we stand out is that we have complete control over our product, from development to implementation and support we are responsible for every step. The other way in which Osos products bring unique value is that we have curated an expansive network of specialized global partners in areas such as healthcare management, cloud solutions provisions, and much more where we bring their unique expertise to our region. Because of the nature of Osos’ strategy, which is transforming industries, we have created specialized business applications for target industries that tackles their most pressing issues and optimize their operations. Our solutions target the gap in the market for each industry and then adapt and remedy that gap in the best possible manner. Our business model allows us complete control over client experience, which is unique in an industry that relies heavily on third-party services and even more unique in the Oman technology landscape

How important is it for Osos to develop human talent?

In Oman, we are developing what is known as functional consultants and delivery experts. This type of well-rounded IT professional is a rare resource in the Omani technology industry, and at Osos we take it upon ourselves to be a breeding ground for these functional consultants so that they may continue to innovate whether it be here at Osos or the general Omani market. Osos human talent are consultants that understand all aspects of the business. If we want to serve a large HSE requirement we need people who understand the intricacies of the HSE industry, for example how it operates, what are the legal requirements, and how does this business workflow impact the financials, procurement, service delivery, and so on. We are building that capacity within our organization. We have talented Omanis right now on the way to becoming experts and learning from our seasoned experts in human resource management, procurement management, and financial management as well. These are the key areas that we are developing and adding value to in relation to the Omani market. Human talent is part of our core value proposition. If you do not have competent people, you cannot deliver excellent services. It is inevitable, it is essential, and we enjoy cultivating our employees and watching them grow with us.

What innovative technologies and solutions are you currently exploring and deploying?

Our innovation is automating places that have not been automated yet. For example, there are several ERP solutions worldwide, but how many ERP solutions can understand the real estate business or the energy sector. We are embedding that level of specialization to our technologies as well as also opening fronts to inject new technologies such as fintech, e-health services, managed IT services to name a few. We are always working towards building an additional layer to our solutions that will make us even more competitive. Osos as an organization is energetic and looking to do something different and productive. We are capitalizing on that to deliver better solutions to the market.



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