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Abdulrahman K. Al-Rasheed

General Manager, Al Manashy Group


Abdulrahman K. Al-Rasheed is a mechanical engineer and a businessman. He was appointed CEO of Al-Manashy Group in 2019 and has played a leading role diversifying the company’s activities since then. He is also an angel investor and a board member of many other start-up companies.

"The economy of developed countries requires collaboration between the public and private sectors, because these projects cannot be implemented properly without the private sector."
Part of the Al Manashy Group, Al Manashy Doors manufactures modern and superior steel and wooden doors for smart cities and giga projects in the Kingdom, while also expanding the Made in Saudi Brand regionally and internationally.
Could you provide an overview of Al Manashy Doors’ operations in the Kingdom?

Al Manashy Group operates in three sectors: the industrial, investment, trading, and commercial sectors. Al Manashy Doors is one of Al Manashy’s Group projects that manufactures steel and wooden doors, and we own Technopanel, which manufactures aluminum composite panels and building facades. As for the investment sector, we invest in start-up companies, the stock market, and real estate development. Al Manashy Doors and Technopanel have supplied doors and other products in most government projects and megaprojects around the Kingdom, playing an integral role.

How will Al Manashy Doors fit into the SAR10-billion real estate investment that the government has put forth?

We strongly believe the Saudi government and HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have spared no effort in supporting and developing various commercial, industrial, and tourism projects. This indicates the government’s interest in society’s welfare and citizens’ quality of life according to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The government’s interest in the real estate sector certainly serves our interests as real estate developers and manufacturers, which will drive the construction sector forward in Saudi Arabia, which in turn can supply our products to the market and drive our business growth forward.

Given that Al Manashy Doors is the largest Saudi manufacturer of wooden and metal doors, what is your role in contributing to smart cities and gigaprojects in the Kingdom?

The economy of developed countries requires collaboration between the public and private sectors, because these projects cannot be implemented properly without the private sector. These cities are attractive destinations for all business leaders and tourists from around the world. Because of this, Al Manashy Group has been preparing for these projects to supply high-quality products and production lines that are ready to meet the needs of future cities such as Neom, Qiddiya, Diriyah, The Line, and others. We have a production team that can provide modern designs and industrial solutions that keep pace with the development and progress of our products and are in line with the quality these giga projects are seeking.

What are Al Manashy Doors’ efforts in expanding the Made in Saudi Brand regionally and internationally?

Localization is a great opportunity for local factories; it is a fantastic opportunity to compete fairly, given that local factories typically cannot compete with exported goods. Al Manashy Group, as part of our modest effort to establish a Saudi brand worldwide, has established an office, factory, and warehouses for our company TechnoPanel in Egypt. We
also plan to open a marketing and commercial office for Al Manashy Doors in the near future. Meanwhile, we have already started exporting our products to several countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait as well.

What are the organization’s next strategic steps?

A company that does not grow will never move forward, and those that do not plan strategically will find themselves at the bottom. We are always thinking about stability and transforming the company financially and administratively in order to ensure its continuity, presence, and contribution to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through strategic steps, we aim to expand further into the MENA region, starting with Egypt due to the success we have seen there and the availability of projects where we seek to meet the increasing demand.



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