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Marwan Orabi

UAE, UAE, SHARJAH - Industry

Above the Rest

General Manager, Metallic Equipment Co. LLC


Marwan Orabi, the General Manager of Metallic Equipment Co. LLC, is an engineer by profession with 30 years of rich experience. He is a versatile and skilled manager.

Quality, above all else, has set Metallic Equipment apart from its competitors in the last few decades.

How had your company’s performance evolved over the years?

Undertaking large projects has upped the ante, and we have responded through a multi-pronged strategy of improving state-of-the-art technology, quality workforce, production standards, and the necessary certifications. Our qualified engineers with the help of proper and modern management systems have resulted in exemplary work standards and made Metallic Equipment one of the main players in the architectural metal work industry.

Metallic Equipment has become an international group. To what do you attribute your success in several locations?

Our strategy has always been to constantly look for opportunities to expand through better performance, which will always lead to better benefits. Every project we have executed demonstrates our exclusivity and perfection, be it airports in Mumbai and Saudi Arabia, presidential palaces in Africa, or large hotels in Uganda. The ease of working with us has spread via word of mouth. It is no wonder we have grown from a modest team of 14 to a robust workforce of 700 in such a short time.

What trends do you identify in the construction industry, and how do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?

In Sharjah, we are improving in different sectors. We rely on proper management systems and utilize new technology. We are coordinating with contractors and clients that are looking specifically for our services because what we offer is different from the rest of the market. We do a wide range of architectural metal work, decorative metal casting, joinery, and special metal finishing such as electroplating, PVD coating, antique finishes, and more. We can offer all these services under one roof to our clients. We continually invest in R&D to acquire new technology, machinery, and well-trained staff to improve our business every day.

The manufacturing division of the group in Sharjah was awarded the integrated management systems certificate. What does this mean for the company?

The integrated management system contains all the required ISOs, for security, quality standards, and safety of the environment. We have held these certificates for the last seven years and renew them every year. These are the quality benchmarks for the business, and it assures clients that everything in our company is organized and meets international standards.

What measures does the factory take to build a more environmentally friendly future?

I have headed this Sharjah branch for the past 22 years. When I started, the regulatory authority was not yet ready to deal with environment issues. The system has since evolved, and it provides us with the guidelines on how to comply with international standards for the environment. We must take care of our environment by way of recycling and efficient waste management.

What technological improvements have you enacted?

In carpentry, there has been only a slight industrial improvement lately, but in metallurgy we are trying to introduce cutting-edge technology. We are now using laser-guided machines to cut metal instead of plasma and water jets, which consumed too much electricity. The new machines were expensive but will be cheaper and better in the long run. We also have new PVD technology for plating to obtain different finishes that can last longer. The PVD machine pollutes less and significantly reduces waste. We have implemented the latest technology in quality control, engineering, and human resource. Most of our plasma, water jets, LED machine, and sanding machine are operated now by AI or computer numerical control (CNC) systems.

What are your vision, goals, and priorities for the coming year?

We are always planning to expand and improve upon our human resources, our engineers, and our staff. We also must maintain quality but be mindful of costs. Maintaining good relationships with the customers is also important. Our ultimate focus is always on delivering our services to the utmost satisfaction of all our esteemed customers.



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