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Providing multiple services across all sectors and with a presence in several countries, these accounting firms are able to offer clients a wealth of services that meet their evolving needs.

Edgar Sánchez

Country Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

We provide services to over 1,500 companies in Colombia every year in all sectors. EY has two lines of business: audit and consulting, which includes management, technology, risk, transaction, and tax consulting. The question around this is how do we provide confidence. First is through transparency. When we work as auditors, we give transparency to the markets so they can make better decisions. In terms of our consulting business, it is about providing real-life solutions to real problems using technology and being innovative and putting them in place. A key theme with consultants is that we want to go beyond diagnosing; we want to be partners and help companies improve processes. You need to go to a specialist in the end and focus on solutions that will solve the problem not only in the short term but in the medium term. We need to talk about blockchain as it is at the center of many things now. EY has a network, and someone has done a similar project elsewhere, so we provide information on how something works within a context. It is not a one solution fits all.

Julio Berrocal

Partner - CEO Andean Region, Deloitte Spanish Latin America

Our value proposition is based on our purpose. Our global purpose as an organization, which also includes Colombia, is to create impacts that transcend to all the interest groups that are involved with Deloitte. This not only includes our talent, the community, and government agencies but also our clients and suppliers. In some way, that purpose is reflected in the services we offer our clients, which aims to help them achieve their business strategic goals based on our experience, our knowledge, our innovation, and the information confidentiality and information safety of our clients, supported on a global knowledge network at the service of our Colombian clients. Deloitte wants to be a strategic partner for companies and offer the global and international knowledge the company has. We have five business lines—audit and assurance, financial advisory, risk advisory, consulting, legal and tax services —with which we want to offer a 360-degree focus on the solutions we offer. We offer services per business line, but when needed, we can integrate all our business lines to offer a complete service portfolio.

Carlos Andrés Molano

Managing Partner, Carlos Andrés Molano

Mazars is an international firm of French origin with about 44,000 professionals around the world. We have officially been called Mazars in Colombia for about four years, and today we number around 250 people, has grown by approximately 50% annually since 2016. We are a one-stop shop offering all the services entrepreneurs need to develop their businesses. We offer what is known as auditing and statutory audit. We offer outsourcing, accounting, payroll, treasury, tax compliance, internal auditing, controls, security, risks, and so forth, including financial advisory services. Those cover all transaction services, corporate finance, legal, validations, and mergers and acquisitions. We also perform financial modeling, where we have the number one team in the world by several economic models. We audit financial models or deploy them. We also have a section for tax and legal services, a law firm of 30 people that handles corporate, labor, tax, foreign exchange, and legal advice. We also provide litigation and arbitration and have worked on transfer pricing, which is rather technical.

Carlos Mario Lafaurie

President, PwC Colombia

In July 2021, the firm launched its new strategy globally, “New equation.” The concept of new equation drives two main aspects. The first has to do with changes, and we need to help companies navigate a period of geopolitical instability, climate change, and regulatory updates. The second is reinforcing the mechanisms that generate trust within the community. In order to achieve this, the firm came up with a strategy aimed at people who think about the present and the future. We need people who work as a community of solvers. In order to be part of this, we need to have different professional backgrounds, different levels of experience, and different profiles, so that we can continue to develop the firm’s main goal throughout its history: to build trust and solve problems. All our strategic concepts around the new equation come from uniting this experienced, interdisciplinary human talent team with technology to help companies face changes while retaining the trust of the people. Only then will it be possible for them to maintain sustainable results.



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