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ANGOLA - Industry

Adam Dewji

CEO, Graphic Systems


Adam Dewji holds a BSc in business management from King’s College London. Early in his career, he worked for large beverage companies like Diageo and Heineken. He is currently the Managing Director of Graphic Systems Angola and XL Media LDA, with seven years of experience in the Angolan market. He is also a director of Graphic Group, which has a presence in the DRC and Uganda.

"Our printing and packaging business is divided into industrial and commercial departments."
Graphic Systems is the market leader in labelling, packaging, and commercial printing in Angola.
What main products and services does Graphic Systems offer?

Our printing and packaging business is divided into industrial and commercial departments. Within our commercial sector, we supply local companies and corporates with printing material such as booklets, flyers, and brochures. Our industrial department is the main focus of Graphic Systems and comprises of large-scale packaging and printing for a wide range of local industries such as beverages, food products, and detergents. Due to our long-term experience in the African market, we understand the importance of delivering high quality material while also providing reliable customer service. As a result of growing demand for local packaging, and increased competition, we have a strong focus on meeting client demands with precision, time efficiency and positioning ourselves as a reliable supplier and partner. We believe in growing together and working with our clients to create sustainable growth for them and the economy as a whole.

Graphic systems already produces labels and packaging for the local market. How prepared would you be to cater to the rapid growth of the brands you work with?

As a company, our vision has always been to grow with our clients and meet the increasing demands of the local population. We consistently invest in new machinery and aim to expand our products lines. In 2019, we bought new machinery which was slightly delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, we finalized the installation and this has assisted in meeting the growing client demands. In the future, we hope to see further improvement of regulations that favor the protection and development of local industry. This will give us confidence to continue investing in the Angolan economy.

How do you ensure a lasting relationship with your partners and clients?

We believe in the importance of maintaining an honest, transparent, and reliable work relationship. Our consistency and work ethic has allowed us to build trust and long-term relationships with our clients. As a result, some of our key clients have been working with us for almost 40 years.

How important is the use of innovative technologies and equipment to providing a quality service for the company and sector?

Graphic Systems believes in supplying the market with high quality products and services and we cannot do that without sourcing exceptional machinery from countries such as Germany, Italy, or Switzerland. We regularly work alongside our clients to understand their needs and upcoming projects. This enables us to make sustainable investments to source the right machines to best serve our clients. We stand by our product firmly and believe that quality is key.

What is your roadmap and what are your priorities for the upcoming year?

As we believe in the growth of the Angolan economy, we have solidified some new investments which will be up and running within the next two years. As a result, the potential to supply a wider range of products promises to be a solid contributor for growth. Secondly, we have plans to extend our reach across the continent by investing in new markets and creating export hubs to cater to the African region.



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