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KUWAIT - Health & Education

Adel Al Bader

CEO, Al Rawdatain Water Bottling Co.


Adel Al Bader is an honors graduate from Kuwait University, majoring in economics and finance. He has been CEO of Al Rawdatain Water Bottling Co. since June 2019. Prior to that, he was the manager of the real estate department at the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS), responsible for international and local real estate investments. He was also a member of the investment committee of PIFSS. He joined PIFSS in 1985. Other positions held include chairman of Wafra Real Estate Company, chairman of ISKAN Oman Investment Company, vice chairman of Kuwait Medical City Company, and vice chairman of Agility.

"We are the only mineral water brand of Kuwait. The organization has been through many changes over the past few years."
Kuwait’s sole mineral water producer seeks to increase capacity and become the market leader.
What is the story behind Al Rawdatain Water Bottling Co.?

We are the only mineral water brand of Kuwait. The organization has been through many changes over the past few years. And supported by the strategies developed, we have enhanced our portfolio, improved many areas of the business, and introduced multiple ESG-focused policies and initiatives. The company has also been through a rebranding phase, turning its focus more to supporting the local community of Kuwait, especially its youth. Throughout the pandemic Al-Rawdatain was instrumental in supporting the country with the delivery of drinkable water to organizations nationwide.

To what extent is the company able to provide water security for Kuwait?

In terms of water security, for the people of Kuwait, right now we can cover 50% of the population. It is a part of our strategy to increase our abilities in this area. We are acquiring distributors and plants across Kuwait and working on new partnerships that will strengthen the organization’s ability to provide water nationwide. Moreover, on the sustainability front, we have established a plan for rendering our production lines more environmentally friendly by increasing the volume of PET recycled plastic in place of the regular plastic. Recycling is still in its infancy in Kuwait, but we are working with the government and interested parties on improving the country’s capabilities to foster recycling processes and sustainable solutions.

What is your focus for the coming months?

Part of the 2026 strategy is to grow the company and expand the business beyond the water industry. We aim to become fully sustainable by 2026, with the introduction of a fleet of electric cars and solar power to support that goal. Currently, we want to explore the organic food sector, improve our core business operations, and expand our product offer. We are already developing a number of products connected to the F&B sector. We will also export energy drinks, organic drinks, and sparkling flavored water to the region and introduce a greater number of such products, while strengthening our footing in the market. We have great plans, a key one being to become a fully sustainable and organic, local producer. This is where we aim to take Al-Rawdatain in the years to come.

What makes Al-Rawdatain attractive for investors?

Al-Rawdatain is a growth company and has seen rising sales for the past three years. Since 2019, we have posted a YoY increase in sales of 23%, 21%, and 21%, respectively. This is thanks to the changes made and the team efforts that followed. Right now, we are up from last year’s sales by 23%, which I am certain we can beat. Our company is growing rapidly, and many improvements have been put in place, which is why we believe we are a good fit for the investor. We are certain that, in the years to come, there will only be growth and success, and look forward to proving that. Moreover, as a Kuwaiti company, and the sole water producer in the country, we feel obliged to represent the country well and develop into the market leader.



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