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Aflah Al Hadhrami

OMAN - Energy & Mining

Aflah Al Hadhrami

CEO, Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC


Aflah Al Hadhrami is the CEO of AlShawamikh Oil Services SAOC, with over two decades experience working in the oil and gas sector. Commencing his career at PDO, Aflah has held various senior leadership roles in various companies in the oil and gas industry including Oman Refinery, Schlumberger, BP, and Occidental, to name a few. He holds a PhD from the University of Liverpool (UK) in business management and sits on various committees and boards. He is currently Vice Chairman of OPAL, Chairman of Oman Logistics, and a board member of Oman Airports.

"Alshawamikh is a leading super local community company formed by Royal Directive and incubated by PDO with a closed shareholding structure of shareholders from the concession areas of Bahla and Adam."
Working on more sustainability and ICV initiatives, Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC is more focused than ever on diversifying its operations in light of the energy transition.
Could you give us an overview of the company and some of its major highlights in the past year?

Alshawamikh is a leading super local community company formed by Royal Directive and incubated by PDO with a closed shareholding structure of shareholders from the concession areas of Bahla and Adam. We offer wellhead maintenance services, pipeline maintenance services, drill water services, renewable/sustainable energy, logistics and operations support, hoists/workover services, soon to be deployed drilling services, water treatment, generators and valves maintenance, well intervention, and completion services. In June 2020, the company embarked on an internal transformation initiative called the Journey of Excellence, which consists of 11 elements: board of directors and shareholders relations, client-focused growth and diversification, CSR and ICV corporate strategies, efficiency upgrade and cost minimization, embedded HSE culture, modernization and digitalization, operational integrity and excellence, organizational change dimensions, people and culture team empowerment, compliance and controls, and workplace improvements. We also identified critical areas of internal development requiring significant investments in time, energy, and resources and hired competent leaders to lead the change and build momentum for rapid transformation as can be witnessed in the organization.

What competitive advantage does Alshawamikh bring into the market that other competitors do not?

We have undergone an impressive internal transformation and brand building. From a company with only 500-plus employees, we are now over 1,000 strong. There were only six women in 2020, and we now proudly employ 24, with the number growing every day. Diversity forms the essence of our team’s strength. We championed and brought forth many leading ideas for innovation to the industry and have invested in creating a diverse mix in our leadership team. Our aim is to Omanize in a staggered and smart way to ensure business sustainability. We want to continue to invest in our teams and boost their knowledge and skills. We have clear career path frameworks and a best-in-class compensation model to attract the finest talents. Another advantage is our healthy cash flow due to sound financial management. This allows us to make business decisions quickly. Alshawamikh is also quick to react to new opportunities and potential business ideas, as we leverage on strategic alliances and partnerships with reputable organizations to enable this quick turnaround, as well as support local ICV value-add and knowledge transfer. This foresight and ability to be limber saw the creation of a new business unit in the energy sector to diversify into renewables and sustainable energy. We have developed our own internal Shamikh program to train the next generation of leaders. Such internally driven and curated programs are normally done by larger-scale, multinational organizations. We are heavily involved in Lean and CI initiatives and have directly linked most of them to internal efficiency and optimization upgrades. We have significantly improved our internal processes and systems, and continue to conduct internal audits and be audited by external parties for assurance. Results of these assurance reviews indicate our performance to be within the above average range, even in comparison to some multinationals.

What steps are the company taking to integrate environmental excellence into its business strategy?

Alshawamikh plans use to biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions and improve the life of its assets and equipment. We are an important shareholder in the Rima water treatment plant project in PDO that mainly focuses on innovative sustainability and green practices. We are also proud to power one of the only biofuel factories that processes waste cooking oil and transforms it into green less carbonized diesel. Alshawamikh had considered this already in its plan two and a half years ago, whereby we introduced an energy business unit in the company, headed by an expert with 13 years of experience in this field. This department works on developing Alshawamikh’s business in the sustainable energy sector including solar, wind, biofuel, and hybrid systems. Our energy team also covers new trends in energy efficiency and management which the government is promoting.



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