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Empiricus Afonso Khossa


Afonso Khossa

CEO, Empíricus Investimentos


Afonso Khossa is a recognized young entrepreneur, serving as the CEO of High Mastery Academy and Empíricus Group. This organizational development strategist and networking expert has been featured by Forbes Africa on multiple occasions, highlighting his significant impact as an accelerator for small and medium-sized businesses and his innovative leadership in the business sector. His influence in the corporate world extends as the founder and creator of the CEO Club, CEO GOLF Experience, and the CONSELHO, a coalition of over 50 companies whose combined revenues exceed $100 million, symbolizing the strength and dynamism of the business economy under his guidance. Afonso Khossa is also the visionary mind behind the Mozambique CEO Summit, an event that not only brings together the cream of C-Level executives, uniting the country’s GDP in a single room but also catalyzes strategic dialogs among business leaders from over 20 countries. As a mentor and author, Afonso Khossa shares his vast experience through the “Behind the Scenes of a CEO” program and influential publications, including collaborations with Dr. Salimo Abdula and the work “Millionaire with Networking: The Rich Club”. His Business Mastery Methodology has empowered more than a thousand entrepreneurs and executives to optimize operations and drive results, solidifying his reputation as an educator and innovator. His list of collaborations reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the corporate world, encompassing renowned brands and companies such as Cotur, Puma, BCI, CTA, PlayGround, Superbrands Mozambique, JobArtis, Human Capital Angola, the Human Resources Community of Angola, Kenmare, BNI, Standard Bank, Vale, Deloitte, KPMG, Mozal, among others, reflecting the breadth and depth of his impact on the business world. His work and insights have been widely disseminated on prestigious platforms, including Forbes Africa and RTP Africa, highlighting his influence on the business landscape.

"Empíricus Investimentos is a procurement and logistics services company that operates in different fields."
TBY talks to Afonso Khossa, CEO of Empíricus Investimentos, about the company’s main activities, training and development, and goals for 2024.
Can you give us an overview of Empíricus Investimentos and its main services?

Empíricus Investimentos is a procurement and logistics services company that operates in different fields. We work in the industrial sector, supplying protective equipment, industrial machinery, and electrical equipment. We also have a corporate area where we deal with private sector companies in general, supplying office materials, hospital supplies, though this varies according to each client’s needs.

What significant milestones has the company accomplished since 2021?

The pandemic ultimately made the market increasingly competitive. There is a need for companies to reinvent and differentiate themselves from others within the industry in general. It has been an interesting experience from the outset, as suppliers have found the need to provide a differential for customers.

What is the significance of partnerships for your company, particularly in such a competitive market?

I believe no one can thrive alone. We have several partners, both national and international, who ensure that we can meet our clients’ needs. This experience has been positive. Each partner has its own way of doing things, and it is up to us as a company to know how to adapt and put our terms on the table and ensure that the product goes to the customer within the defined agreement. We have partners in South Africa, Germany, and China for the supply of safety materials and industrial machinery. We also have our national logistics partners, who have their own ships, which facilitates the shipping and customs processes. The partnerships have been excellent. Of course, we develop consortiums so that we can meet the capacity to deliver to the LNG platforms.

How do you prioritize training and development within your company?

I always say there is no point in a business plan, modernization, or financial strength if a company is working with the wrong people—it will not work. That is why Empíricus Investimentos holds training for the sales area, public tenders, and how we are evaluated externally. We understand how a purchasing professional from another company evaluates us, and with that we can be better prepared and be more competitive. This strategy has generated positive results. We also remain up to date in the financial area as well as with the various projects that the Bank of Mozambique has brought in. Training is one of our best tools. We have also conducted training in the health area and others through virtual platforms.

How is digitalization benefiting Empíricus Investimentos and its services?

I was fortunate to come from the digital sector. The High Mastery Academy was already 80% digital and 20% B2B, and this outlook prepared us somewhat during the pandemic. While other companies were closing down their doors, we grew by 150% during this period. That subsequently dictated that technological tools are the solution for all companies. We implemented digitalization in the company and integrated it with different platforms, while almost all of the company’s processes were also digitally migrated. It is a path of no return, and companies that do not renew themselves or integrate digitalization will become obsolete. For this reason, we organized the Mozambique CEO Summit, the largest local business event that has literally brought together the country’s GDP in one room, and we strongly addressed the issue of digitalization. We have also made suggestions to government institutions. The government has been doing what it can to achieve this digital integration, and it has been doing well, but there are still shortcomings. To this day, there are still countless processes that should be processed digitally but are not. We believe in digital and have invested in digital platforms, even in AI. Digitalization can make us even more competitive as a company at a national level, regionally, and elsewhere. With technology, we can show the world the investment opportunities on our country and continent.

What investment opportunities are available in Mozambique?

Our country is rich in mineral resources, we have fertile land, agribusiness, and food processing. There are countless opportunities in the food sector; however, there are also some challenges, such as bureaucracy. I believe the government is doing its part and that over time it will realize it needs to make certain processes more flexible for micro-industries. Small food producers oftentimes find themselves lost amid bureaucratic red tape. They have no access to the local market, and to export they need to have access to a company that will give them access to these opportunities. This information needs to be shared and the processes need to be more flexible. To conclude, there are numerous opportunities in Mozambique, and with serious investment, we will be able to become an extremely competitive country. Mozambican entrepreneurs are characterized by resilience and will seek opportunities for growth, though there needs to be government initiatives to facilitate new investments. The private and public sectors need to work together.

What recommendations would you offer to potential investors looking to enter the Mozambican market?

My advice is to have a technical consultant to assess the market that the investor would like to operate in. I would tell them that Mozambique is a land of opportunity, with prospects in agriculture, mining, financial services, tourism, and more. They should identify a specific area, speak to their local consultants, and join a chamber of commerce such as Spanish one or the Confederation of Economic Associations to better understand how they can invest in Mozambique.

What are your strategies for 2024?

This year, we are analyzing the industry and our target customers and looking at their needs as well as unmet needs that we already offer. In 2024, we will focus on fewer clients in a more strategic way. We pay great attention to timing, which is always a major challenge for procurement companies in terms of sticking to their commitments. We have certain social responsibility projects, though these are typical sustainability projects that all companies should have. Empíricus Investimentos focuses on satisfying its clients’ needs and will pay greater attention to specific areas that we can truly specialize in and be more productive while always delivering the best products, services, and care to our clients.



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