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Apart from developing some of the region's best fertilizers, leading players in Colombia's agro-science industry are experimenting in nanotechnology and fungicides that promise to boost output for decades to come.

Carlos Arturo Rebolledo López

Commercial Director, Corteva Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience is the new generation of agriculture for a new generation of farmers. We are 100% focused on agriculture and able to offer complete solutions for producers to maximize their crop’s yield and profitability. Since June 2019, we have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange as an independent company after a successful separation from the Dow-DuPont holding company. Today, we are present in more than 130 countries and have 140 production and manufacturing factories around the world. Our human capital exceeds 20,000 people around the globe. We are a company connected with the future and the needs of farmers, consumers, and society. Corteva Agriscience was born out of the need to have a large company dedicated to farmers and consumers by being open to talking to and understanding them. We know consumers have an important role in the food production chain, so they have to be listened and understood in order to cover their needs hand in hand with producers. This makes us different in the market. Colombia has the greatest potential in the region. For this reason, we will be constantly investing in innovation and technology to be part of the transformation that the field needs to be developed. Even though we are a new company, Corteva has been in Colombia’s agricultural industry for more than 50 years through the legacies of Dow Agrosciences.

Miguel Ángel Aguirre C.

General Manager, Avgust Crop Protection

Diego Carvajalino

General Manager, Diego Carvajalino

Our beginnings in Colombia’s agricultural sector developed primarily through coffee. Over the last 20 years, Colombia’s agricultural sector has expanded and become more professional with crops like avocados and cannabis. However, the landscape is rapidly changing, which has been an enormous challenge for Colinagro and the future. Colombia has the opportunity to expand its agricultural sector from its current 7 million ha to potentially 21 million. Colinagro is present in both Bogotá and the Cauca region for logistical more than any other reason. First, almost 90% of the raw materials for fertilizer in Colombia are imported. Second, as there were tax exemptions for companies that moved to Cauca, we set up a new factory there. We also moved because we needed proximity to the ports. We produce most of our granular fertilizers in Puerto Tejada in the Cauca region and supply the country’s southern regions from that plant. From Bogotá, we cover the eastern part of Colombia and the areas close to Bogotá. We also produce foliage fertilizers in Bogotá, including for export. Overall, the fertilizer market has two segments. Plant fertilizers commonly contain 15 mineral elements. Three of these—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—make up the biggest market for fertilizers, but we do not participate in that market. Colinagro participates in the other market, supplying the other 12 nutrients required in smaller quantities that are essential for healthy crop development.



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