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Ahmad Jaafar

KUWAIT - Transport

Ahmad Jaafar

General Manager, Auto Capital Co.


Ahmad Jaafar has extensive experience in the investment banking industry. He holds a master’s degree focused on international/global studies from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Jaafar is the General Manager of Autocapital Co. as well as the CEO of Exotic Snax Kuwait.

"The keys to our success were the right team, a great business plan, and thinking outside of the box."
TBY talks to Ahmad Jaafar, General Manager of Auto Capital Co., about innovation and sustainability.
What strategies and innovations have allowed you to achieve growth since entering the market in 2019?

The keys to our success were the right team, a great business plan, and thinking outside of the box. The company’s approach is completely new to the market. Auto Capital Co. offered a solution to both car dealers in the country and customers themselves. We solve dealers’ problems by financing their fleet, which secures them in terms of their KPIs. Then, we store the vehicles at their facilities, promote them through our sales channels, and use many attractive options to make sure our clients on the other end get the best deal possible.

What is the greatest strength and competitive characteristic of the company?

Our strength lies in the quality of work, which our team excels in daily. We are able to deliver these high-quality services to our clients through our dedication, efficiency, and agility. It also helps to have the right cash flow with the appropriate strategy perfected at every step. Transparency and reliability are the most impactful factors in our niche, especially when it comes to providing services to organizations such as the US Army. It recently sent us a letter of appraisal for the work we have done over the past year, which is testament to our diligence and its importance. It is a rewarding and important aspect of such a collaboration.

What is Auto Capital Co. doing to promote the global transition toward a more sustainable future?

When it comes to sustainability, we are one of the first companies to have introduced electric and hybrid cars into the market. We are also working on the infrastructure, introducing electric chargers in malls and strategic locations around the city. Due to our oil-heavy economy, it will not be an easy transition. However, we hope to push this change forward by financing infrastructural improvements. We hope to see Kuwait becoming more diverse and energy efficient over the coming years. There are many customers ready to explore these solutions; the challenge lies in making electric vehicles convenient by providing a suitable infrastructure to support them.



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