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Ayad Al Thuwaini

Vice-Chairman, Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co.

Elie Hani

CEO, Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co.

With extensive experience and ability in the market, Ahmadiah has become the best choice for megaprojects in the coming years.
Considering Ahmadiah’s expertise in megaprojects delivery, what is the company’s strategy and expectation for the upcoming tenders of such projects?

The strength of Ahmadiah is knowing what we do not know. We know the challenges in different projects and how to overcome them. For example, Al-Hamra Tower has a complex structure with flaring walls that move three-dimensionally in space. They rise to 400m. When we started building the tower, we lacked the expertise in Kuwait for such a large tower, but we knew how to obtain it, study it, and make the project happen. We documented all the potential problems, challenges, and solutions. We had to optimize the concrete and make corrections to limit the tower’s movement with the wind. It demands a great amount of expertise and a high level of construction fluency. We addressed this issue and made sure the tower was done to the highest of standards. We used the designs from the same company that built the Freedom Tower in New York and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. We worked with their structural department, which gave us feedback confirming that our execution of building construction was extremely precise. With such experience and ability, Ahmadiah is the best choice for any of the megaprojects over the upcoming years. Our strength is knowing how to get the experience, prepare for it, and address the challenges. On another note, our motto “productivity through people” resonates throughout the scope of our operations. We work closely with our partners to ensure the best-in-class solutions are offered to our clients and provide our staff with the most efficient and highest-quality plans and tools to ensure their work delivers great results in a timely and secure manner. Each project demands a different set of strategies, which is why our team alongside independent consultants does its best to anticipate any challenges before these can occur. Our company has been a successful sector leader for past decades, and we are certain this trend will continue over the coming years.

What sustainable solutions does Ahmadiah apply in its projects?

Our ability to deliver sustainable projects depends on the demands given to us by the client. We work by design, and our job is to execute the order to the best of our ability. This means that some of the projects do not involve sustainable solutions. We always ensure we adopt the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, such as concrete ready mix, which can be reused, as well as the utilization of aggregates to minimize waste. And occasionally, when the client’s wish aligns with sustainable goals, we are able to deliver great projects, such as the National Bank of Kuwait headquarters building. This project required LEED certification, which allowed us to really exercise our sustainable practices and include the best-in-class solutions at every level of the development. Ultimately, the degree to which we can improve our services depends on market demand and government guidance. More regulations will entice everyone to become better aligned. With an incentive for such solutions, we are likely to see more sustainable projects being developed over the coming years.

What major projects has Ahmadiah recently realized?

Over the past five years, we have had the opportunity to enhance the Avenues Mall, complete the Assima Mall project, and deliver the tennis complex for Rafa Nadal Academy. We also opened four major hotels: the Grand Hyatt, Waldorf Astoria, Marriott Residences, and Hilton Garden Inn. Our team finished the National Bank of Kuwait headquarters, and we are about to finish the Assima Tower, an office building above the mall. We are also invested in tourism-focused projects such as the Messila Beach complex, as well as the Hessah Al Mubarak District, which will be a great, unique space for both business and entertainment. These are expected to be finished within the coming year.



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