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OMAN - Telecoms & IT

Ahmed Essa Al Zadjali

CEO, Muscat Media Group (MMG)


A US-educated business graduate and serial entrepreneur, Ahmed Essa Al Zadjali is credited with leveraging the latest technologies to drive the digital revolution in Oman’s established publishing and broadcast journalism scene. From the launch of the country’s first online news portal to development of next-generation media apps, he is a passionate supporter and contributor to Oman’s fast-growing information and technology economy.

"As a team, we are confident that we deliver top-quality content to our readers, listeners, and viewers."
MMG is committed to delivering homegrown, trustworthy content to all Omanis.
MMG has been a leader in the media industry in Oman for many years. What do you see as the key factors that have contributed to the company’s success, and how do you maintain a competitive edge in the market?

As a team, we are confident that we deliver top-quality content to our readers, listeners, and viewers. We are at the forefront of breaking news, interviews, analysis, sports, lifestyle, and event coverage. Our media platforms are a go-to choice for content consumers who are looking for information about Oman—both inside and outside the country. We have maintained this edge by acknowledging that consumers evolve faster than media. We strive to create platforms where we are accessible to consumers 24x7x365, and they stay informed about all the news that concerns them.

With the rise of social media and other digital platforms, traditional media companies are facing new challenges in terms of audience engagement and revenue generation. How is MMG adapting to these changes, and what new strategies are you exploring to reach and engage with audiences in a digital-first world?

We put a lot of consideration into our social media platforms. We created a digital distribution platform called Eshhar, which gives our advertisers access to consumers on social media platforms, and consumers benefit, as they have access to relevant content. Drive times in Oman are relatively short, so all our shows on FM are not just on radio—they are on digital TV, where viewers can access them even if they are not driving. Advertisers appreciate these platforms.

As a media company with a large and diverse audience, MMG has the potential to influence public opinion and shape the national discourse on a range of issues. How do you approach editorial decision-making and ensure that your coverage is fair, accurate, and balanced?

It is very important for countries to have homegrown media platforms and voices. Our platforms tackle a wide variety of issues relevant to Omanis and expats. For example, our show Ma’a Shabiba on Shabiba TV and FM is a great platform for raising issues that concern young Omanis, and these issues are brought to the attention of the authorities. On this note, we would also like to say it is important for corporates and advertisers to use their media budgets wisely. When large proportions of ad spend goes to programmatic ads, they are supporting global media organizations that do not create jobs in the country and deliver foreign content that could destabilize the nation.

What are your main priorities and goals in the short term?

Our priorities are on technology and content. Technology because we know that media platforms need to keep evolving to keep up with our consumers. And content because that’s what will keep bringing consumers back to us. We have a number of exciting new content propositions in store for our audience, whether they corporate decision-makers or even small children.



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