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Yousuf Al-Yahmadi

OMAN - Telecoms & IT

Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali

Co-founder & CEO, Expert Software - Middle East


Yousuf Al-Yahmadi completed his higher education in 2002, studying software engineering. He began Expert Software in 2003, and is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience.

Expert is one of the leading end-to-end firms in the technological sector that helps clients find the right solution for their business.

What is Expert Software’s competitive advantage over other companies in the Middle East?

Expert Software – Middle East was built on the idea that the tech industry needs more risk-takers that can embrace the uncertainty and pave the way for innovation and creativity. Our philosophy is to eliminate all the unnecessary steps, working with clients to deliver outstanding technology while saving their resources and achieving efficiency. Our extensive experience in the industry gives us a deep understanding of changing business demands. We know what clients need, and we know how to do it correctly. The values we stick to, the efficiency of our services, and our history of success are all things that we take pride in. We never compromise on quality. The technology world is continuously changing for the better, and so are we. We continue to come up with innovative strategies to take clients’ business from success to glory. Technology is all about innovation, and we are all about technology. Clients only have to tell us about their business, and we will work on a technology that will lift it up.

IT outsourcing is a core competency of Expert Software – Middle East and a key business enabler for its clients. What strategies do you use to develop your portfolio?

We found ourselves more established and competent working and operating within the area of B2B segments. Because our focus is B2B, our priority is to handle long-term projects and preferably medium to large-sized activities. We believe we are made for complex and complicated requirements. It is all about partnership and relationships. The area of interest within our organization is that we encourage associating and collaborating with everyone. We have built and introduced a welcoming atmosphere here.

Your team operates on a specialized and individual basis, understanding clients’ unique market opportunities and challenges. What is the strength of the company’s workforce?

Believing in teamwork, Expert always made sure and focused on bringing in competitive candidates from various culture to ensure we always have the advantages of diverse ideas and dialogue. We always have space for extraordinary members to join us. Our goal is to always have a friendly and welcoming working environment.

What has the process of embracing and presenting new effective technological measures to clients been like for Expert Software – Middle East?

With the overwhelming variety of solutions available in the market, figuring out what technology matches your business needs can turn into a discouraging and time-consuming task. Our experienced consultants’ goal is to save clients the time and effort by helping them clarify their vision and find a solution that ignites their business and meets the budget. We set clients’ minds at ease by offering optimal services and continuous support to keep their businesses running smoothly and flawlessly. By handling projects from beginning to completion, we simplify the process and eliminate as many steps as possible. By using our valuable network of professional solution providers, we also link clients to reliable providers who meet their expectations. As their business continues to grow, and their needs continue to change, we will always continue to guide clients throughout their journey. We consider ourselves a complete technology solution provider. Our task is to find a solution to upcoming challenges. We always have new ideas on a regular basis.

What are the company’s middle-to-long term priorities and aspirations?

Because our focus has always been the future, we ensure we have enough ideas and space to continue to look forward. Our strong beliefs and confidence in our vision have helped us maintain solid control on our progress. The mid-term aspiration is to continue with our expansion plans through different channels partners. The long-term goal is all about preparing the next generation to take over and continue the journey. We started Expert Software – Middle East with the vision that it should continue from one generation to another.



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