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SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Ahmed Mohie Eddin Sayed

Regional Manager MENA Region, Secure Networks


Ahmed Mohie Eddin Sayed is Regional Manager at Secure Networks. With more than 17 years of experience in information and network security across several industry sectors, he specializes in the GRC area following his comprehensive experience working for many international companies in the Gulf and the UK. Eddin is an engineer and MBA holder from Harvard Business School who is passionate about innovation and project management.

"In a smart city, the vulnerable action of an individual, organization, or misconfiguration of digital infrastructure can put the entire city at risk."
Secure Networks is a leader in the Kingdom and one of the largest growing information security firms offering a wide range of next-generation security services and solutions.
Could you elaborate on about Secure Network’s operations in the Kingdom?

Our main objective is to create value for the customer and society by supporting Vision 2030 via securing the digital infrastructure that enables digital transformation across a variety of services and channels. We are investing in our KSA operation to ensure we have the right capabilities to secure the digital operation, especially in security operation center (SOC), digital identity management, data protection, data privacy, brand protection, and security automation. We are growing vertically and horizontally by developing our skillsets, our team capacity, and the level of partnership with technology leaders all over the world to bring cutting-edge and state-of-the-art security technology and solutions that can add value to our customers and solve a real problem they are facing during the digital transformation and automation process.

How is Secure Networks ensuring the security of the future of digitalization in the Kingdom?

We view cybersecurity as a business enabler, a core component, and integrated within the digital transformation journey. Security of the future focus on both the security function and improving user experience while enabling services over secure channels, solutions such as single sign-on, and digital identity management, became integral parts of any business services at the moment to provide the end user with secure, automated, and multi-channel services. Security monitoring and incident response become vital, as organizations increase their digital presence exposure to cyber threats and evolving malware, and when attacks increase, our SOC services support customers in addressing this challenge in an efficient way, by providing 24/7 monitoring for their digital infrastructure to identify and respond to any cyber threats and provide the organization with round-the-clock insights into the new attacks trends targeting their business sectors and taking the proper actions to avoid such attacks.

What role will cybersecurity play in the upcoming smart cities in Saudi?

In a smart city, the vulnerable action of an individual, organization, or misconfiguration of digital infrastructure can put the entire city at risk. Because of the reliance of various components of smart cities on information and communication technology, cybersecurity challenges (such as information leakage, malware, DOS, unauthorized access of data, and malicious cyberattacks). To address the new challenge, Secure Networks has adopted a new approach that focuses on integrating security within the design and planning of smart cities, and considering the regulatory requirements, ensuring areas such as privacy, digital identity, and threats intelligence are taken into consideration from the ground up. In addition, we continuously identify and assess the risk to the proposed environment, allowing for ongoing prioritization of resources and investment. Based on the risks identified, we can propose solutions that meet the customer requirements and mitigate the risks.

What are the strategic priorities and ambitions for Secure Networks in the coming year?

Secure Networks focuses on major priorities, the first priority being a cyber talent program that we are working on in coordination with different education entities within KSA to increase the number of local cybersecurity talented individuals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to navigate through their cybersecurity careers. Our second priority is to bring state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies and solutions that support digital transformation and solve real challenges that customers are facing today. These could be solutions such as digital identity and access management, single sign-on, data privacy, data classification, and data leakage prevention. Also, we are focusing on growing our cybersecurity operation center managed service capabilities by adopting new technologies and providing a custom offering that can address and fit customer requirements for continuous security monitoring, incident response, brand protection, and forensic analysis.



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