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Juma Saif Rashid Bin Bakhit

UAE, DUBAI - Transport

Air Fair

Chairman, Airlink International


Juma Saif Rashid Bin Bakhit is a prominent and vibrant UAE entrepreneur who owns and manages key business interests in the UAE that have made a marked contribution to the local UAE business scene. His background is in the field of Aeronautics, holding a degree from the Italian Aeronautical Academy, and he is a qualified Pilot from the Italian Air Force Training School. Among his noteworthy business interests is Airlink, which represents the region’s most thriving travel, transport, and logistics organization. The company’s success is entwined with capitalizing on its Dubai domicile where Dubai occupies the gateway to Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Airlink extended its presence and operational base to cater for Lebanon and Qatar. Other business interests included are Vega Petroleum Limited Enterprise, Alliance Insurance, Aerogulf Services, and Space Imaging Middle East.

What was your involvement in the Dubai Airshow? We have been involved in providing logistics services in the capacity of the official freight forwarder and on-site handling agent since its […]

What was your involvement in the Dubai Airshow?

We have been involved in providing logistics services in the capacity of the official freight forwarder and on-site handling agent since its inception in 1989. We are proud of the fact that Airlink occupies a leadership position in the field of exhibition logistics, and we are confident of facing fresh challenges that will come as part of Dubai’s vibrant growth. Our full involvement in these various events is part of our strategy, and we strive to constantly explore innovative ways to give customers faster and better services.

What opportunities is Al Maktoum International Airport bringing to your business?

It has definitely added value for everybody involved in Dubai, specifically the cargo and passenger businesses. The improvement will be substantial once the airport is fully functional. Today, people can bring in even more air cargo, while passenger volume, too, is increasing. Dubai is growing at the speed of light, and about 20 million visitors are expected for Expo 2020. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and the need for a second airport has been a central topic over the last years. I believe that Al Maktoum International Airport will help Dubai reach its targets, both in terms of visitors and logistics. As for us, we are a part of Dubai’s economy and one of our main beliefs is to continually challenge our business practices and improve them. I see the development of Al Maktoum Airport as an opportunity for us to grow and ensure that all customers are benefiting from the integration of the port, the free zone, and the new airport. As far as our direct initiatives at the airport are concerned, we are thinking of acquiring a plot there to establish our presence. Discussions are in progress with the concerned authorities.

Are you planning collaborations with the new airlines that the airport is bringing to Dubai?

We are already the GSA for Cargolux, and we are considering other airlines for partnership. However, there must be a perceived need that is being fulfilled by a reliable and reputable carrier that needs representation for us to partner with it. In order to achieve the best results, we carefully select our partners, and I would like to stress our prudent business mindset in this process. We will always make sure we choose trustworthy and reputable companies that will not fail in meeting our commitments.

In the airline segment, where do you forecast the most growth for your business?

Growth will come exclusively from the airline segment. The travel sector is providing us with a solid revenue stream, and the cargo segment is robust. We provide our customers with reliable door-to-door and port-to-port air cargo services. In addition to this, we provide multiple airline options to manufacturers and suppliers, either direct or transshipped, for import and export shipments. The cargo segment is developing well, and I believe this positive trend will continue in the future, and we will be able to capitalize on all the opportunities that will knock at our door.

How is Dubai attracting new investors in the logistics sector?

The legal framework of Dubai favors foreign investors, and virtually all aspects of it have been ameliorated to be more conducive to commercial activity. This has encouraged others to move to Dubai. There will always be opportunities for investment, and for business to thrive. Dubai is undergoing rapid development and more and more companies are realizing how attractive Dubai can be as a hub for logistics services.



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