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Amal Vijayakumar

CEO & Managing Director, Al Zaabi Group

Vimal Vijayakumar

CEO & Managing Director, Al Zaabi Group

"Al Zaabi Group, a leading conglomerate based in the UAE, has been making waves in the business landscape since its establishment in 2003."
Al Zaabi Group was established in 2003 as a holding company. What was its primary goal, and how would you define its performance over the years?

Al Zaabi Group, a leading conglomerate based in the UAE, has been making waves in the business landscape since its establishment in 2003. The group’s primary goal was to diversify its portfolio and promote sustainability from the outset. Our journey began with a tire factory, where we started recycling tires, becoming one of the first companies to do so in the UAE. Our aim was to reduce environmental pollution while saving costs for our customers. With time, we identified untapped opportunities in the transportation industry, which led us to start our building material division. We aimed to provide a complete solution to our client’s needs. Today, we have over 40 companies in different sectors, including automotive, trading, transport, healthcare, cosmetics, real estate, e-commerce, wellness tourism, and education. Our continued efforts to diversify horizontally and vertically have not only made us successful, but also helped us to give back to the community. At Al Zaabi Group, we believe in sustainable growth and giving back to society. Our chairman’s vision and our team’s dedication have led us to where we are today, and we are excited to continue our journey of growth and contribution.

How does the R&D department provide innovation in each subsidiary?

At Al Zaabi Group, we firmly believe that innovation is a cornerstone of success, driving our commitment to continuous improvement in both product development and service enhancement. With this principle in mind, we proudly introduce FEPY—a ground-breaking product that revolutionizes the market landscape in the UAE. FEPY goes beyond conventional offerings, providing our valued customers with comprehensive product specifications and a seamlessly integrated purchasing journey. Unlike traditional retail shops that follow the “golden circle” approach, we do things differently. We first ask ourselves “Why, how, and what?” before making any decisions. Our approach is to sell solutions that we truly believe in and that we know will benefit our customers. For us, the “why” in FEPY, is all about providing end-users with convenience, transparency, and a one-stop-shop for all their building material needs. With FEPY, we are revolutionizing the way building materials are sold in the UAE, and we are proud to be leading the way.



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