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Alberto Fadul Fleckner

CEO, EFG Panama

Roger Castillero

Market Head, EFG Panama

"We believe in diversity; we have a talented group of individuals with different nationalities and 45% of our employees are women."
How has EFG’s client-centered approach and talent changed Panama’s banking landscape and financial services?

ALBERTO FADUL FLECKNER: During their 20 years of presence in Panama, EFG has served institutional clients and has now decided to expand its footprint, establishing a branch to complete the wealth management services in the country. Our unique offering includes a multi-booking center capability, which allows our clients to choose between jurisdictions such as Switzerland, US, Bahamas, and Cayman. This is a key differentiator between us and the competition. Our client-centric approach rather than a segmentation of clients based on their country, allows us to expand our client-base and capitalize on the team’s regional client network.

Can you elaborate on EFG’s strategy in Panama, which emphasizes talent, niche markets, and advanced platforms?

AF: EFG’s presence in Panama started after the acquisition of BSI, a Swiss-Italian bank that had an advisory office but was not able to develop a strategic business plan in line with market needs. We are strong believers that a strong team is key to success. Our new team is one of the best in Latin America, and in order to continue at the top level, we have developed a program to hire and train young talent with growth potential and career path.

ROGER CASTILLERO: Our clients benefit from our unique platform, such as the multi-booking, asset consolidation software, and an open architecture of financial solutions, which provides agility and flexibility when solving client needs. These services can be provided to individuals, their companies and institutions. Our privileged geographic location allows us to cover the Latin America markets, such as Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Central America, Colombia, and Panama, as one of our main markets.

How does EFG’s diverse, talented team differentiate it from its competitors in banking?

AF: We believe in diversity; we have a talented group of individuals with different nationalities and 45% of our employees are women. For example, our senior vice president and head of compliance is Ariadna Rojas, a 30-year veteran in the industry. This is a trust and people business; therefore, the quality of the team makes all the difference.

RC: Our regional presence allows us to better cover the Latin American market, being Panama a bridge between our South American office and our headquarters in Miami. EFG has around 40 offices worldwide and it has a robust business plan that includes continuing its expansion worldwide. With the Panama office, we aim to remain close to our clients in the region while serving them in a stable political and dollarized economy.



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