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PORTUGAL - Health & Education

Alberto Navia-Osório

Country Manager, Viatris Portugal


With a degree in pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, Alberto Navia-Osório, the Country Manager of Viatris Portugal is committed to building a healthier world for all. Pfizer and Viatris are part of his career path, and he has worked in areas including cardiovascular, oncology, and immune diseases, among others.

"The Global Healthcare Gateway is our way of expressing and reinforcing our partnership mindset."
Viatris Portugal is the number-one pharma company in the retail market in sales and units empowering people to live more healthily at every stage of life.
What is Viatris, and what is its mission?

Our name Viatris is Latin for three paths, and our mission is based on three key pillars: ensuring access to healthcare; leading the way in the industry; and developing third-party partnerships to achieve our goals. Viatris is a global pharmaceutical company with a presence in over 160 countries, with more than 40 manufacturing sites and 37,000 employees. We have a global vision for healthcare and work to improve healthcare systems around the world. We are heavily committed to ensuring people live healthier lives at every stage. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products that tackle the 10 most frequent causes of death identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

How does Viatris lead in the pharma sector?

Our approach is to maintain an open and constant dialogue with all stakeholders, including authorities, healthcare professionals, scientific and professional associations, patients among others. More than understanding each stakeholder’s needs and challenges, we work closely with them to provide better support and enhance healthcare outcomes for society. At the same time, Viatris partners with other pharma companies and other players in the healthcare sector through win-win partnerships. The company believes in cooperation and proactively engages with other parties to identify opportunities. The most important aspect of Viatris’ approach to partners is its commitment to transparent and enterprising dialogue.

What role does innovation play within Viatris’ business development strategy?

We are the leader company in Portugal giving us a huge responsibility on improving the efficiency of the systems and processes for each we try to bring innovative solutions to the market. For that reason, innovation is critical for our strategy, and we view it in a wide range of areas, including new molecules, mechanisms of action, and diseases. We are also investing in AI (artificial intelligence) to optimize the future of healthcare through digital channels like digital therapeutics, self-care tools, devices, and health literacy. This strategy focused on innovation is geared toward improving the efficiency of systems, as well as relieving pressure from them and people.

What is the Global Healthcare Gateway?

The Global Healthcare Gateway is our way of expressing and reinforcing our partnership mindset. As a large and integrated company with a presence in over 160 countries and over 40 manufacturing sites, we cover the entire value chain, from research and development to manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and commercialization. Due to it, we invite other companies to partner with us at any of these stages. We see outstanding small research companies with products, innovative ideas, and motivation that need more size and infrastructure to be viable. We want to be involved across the entire value chain.

How do you evaluate the Portuguese pharma ecosystem?

The Portuguese healthcare system can be seen as a good healthcare system in the world. It has excellent and resilient professionals and a population that actively engages with healthcare systems; however, there are some areas that need improvements for more system’s efficiency along time. It is essential to continue investing in awareness, training, and information for patients to improve overall healthcare outcomes.

What guidelines is Viatris following for the future?

As a leading pharma company in the retail business, selling over 50 packs in Portuguese pharmacies every minute in 2022, we have a huge responsibility to provide quality medicines and reliability. We will continue to support patient access to medicines and all healthcare professionals, including prescribers, wholesalers, pharmacies, and nurses. Our focus is on doing this efficiently and sustainably, but costs and demand continue to rise aligned with the growing population. We are extremely committed to the sustainability of the healthcare system, which is why we provide solutions for a wide range of pathologies and diseases. Our goal is to support people at every stage of life to live healthier, more efficient, and more balanced lives. Internally we are also supporting our collaborators the pillars of our success.



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