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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Alejandro Hernández Bringas

CEO, MCM Telecom


Alejandro Hernández Bringas is a public accountant with an MBA from the University of Miami. He has devoted a significant part of his life to the development of the telecommunications industry, corporate and social responsibility, as well as promoting education in new technologies. He has over 25 years of professional experience and is currently CEO of MCM Telecom.

"The most important role we can play is to reach clients and find out exactly how they are connected with their customers and the authorities, and simplify the process."

Alejandro Hernández Bringas, CEO of MCM Telecom, talks to TBY about the digital landscape and enabling businesses in Mexico to fully leverage the power of the cloud.

What role is MCM Telecom looking to play within Mexico’s digital transformation?

MCM Telecom currently connects businesses with their suppliers, clients, and the authorities. Now, the most important role we can play is to reach clients and find out exactly how they are connected with their customers and the authorities, and simplify the process. We are different because we offer an intelligence-driven connectivity solution that can be personalized. Our solutions provide the security, connectivity, and integration that remain on the forefront of what any high-end enterprise requires. We recognize the growing trend of public cloud investment in Mexico and accordingly provide direct, secure, and low-latency connectivity between companies and data centers, facilitating seamless and efficient use of cloud services. Today, we connect more than 40 different cloud providers, reflecting our commitment to providing our clients with a wide range of options and enabling them to choose the best fit for their specific needs. Whether it is about facilitating secure data transfer, ensuring reliable access to cloud services, or helping businesses make sense of their data and streamline their processes, we are here to support. 

MCM Telecom works in a variety of industries such as banking and manufacturing. Which areas will it focus on in 2023? 

We have seen great success in the financial sector, and given all the new start-ups related to fintech, this is an area we are keen to move more into. We will continue to work with not only traditional finance companies but also more modern fintechs. We have learnt a lot about the financial system and how we as telecom providers can help it. We have realized remarkable success stories in this industry and want to hone and refine our skills and knowledge. Today, we are working on significant projects with fintech and act like a partner that provides personalized solutions. We are looking to consolidate our position as provider for the finance industry by investing in the training of our team in this sector. We are also looking toward the automotive industry to provide technological solutions. We would like to work with automotive companies from Querétaro, home also to aeronautics companies, all the way to the north of the country. We support companies with secure communication for their employees and third-party collaborators. Our focus is on transforming their connectivity landscape using solutions like SASE and SD-WAN. This technology simplifies the management of connectivity across locations, enabling businesses to scale securely. IDC reports that 83% of companies struggle to manage their multi-location connectivity due to the complexity and mix of providers, technology, and bandwidth. We aim to address this challenge by providing a unified, reliable, and secure solution. Additionally, we offer omnichannel UCaaS solutions to enhance the way businesses connect with their employees and third-party collaborators, boosting the user experience.

What investments is MCM Telecom currently making?

We have our own data center and a second that we are part of in an alliance with some of the biggest groups in the country. In addition, we are connecting to many data centers that are arriving in the country and installing fiber optics, because the value we can provide the manufacturing or automotive industry offer on the cloud is important. It enables them to see exactly what is happening in their operations, what they are doing well, or what they could improve on. The benefit of having multiple data centers is that they can begin to speak to each other across a robust network, which is why so many companies are contacting us now. Notably, international players coming to Mexico today that already have their own global telecoms providers are exploring the large data centers in Mexico. At MCM, investing in providing our customers with the best standards of fiber optics and security through our data centers is fundamental to bringing the connection to success to each of the companies we work with. 6




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