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Focused on Oil & Gas Transport

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Focused on Oil & Gas Transport

Country Manager, Savino del Bene Ghana


Alessandro Coppa was born in Naples, Italy, in 1975. Following his degree in law, he specialised in European agricultural law and European Union Law, before completing postgraduate legal studies in Milan. He has worked as a lawyer and corporate legal advisor for a number of firms in addition to working freelance, and in 2017 became Managing Director of Savino Del Bene Ghana Ltd.

“Savino del Bene is a new reality in Africa, and the decision to open offices on this continent was due to the specific needs of clients.“

What is Savino del Bene’s story in regard to Africa and Ghana?

Savino del Bene is a new reality in Africa, and the decision to open offices on this continent was due to the specific needs of clients. We opted to enter the Ghanaian market first to meet the needs of certain large customers for whom we were acting as regular suppliers in other parts of the world and who approached the West African market, specifically in Ghana. Unfortunately, the global crisis has not been helpful for the development of our activities in Ghana, though we hope for positive developments in 2018. We recently started to place more emphasis on building local content and local capacity. Savino del Bene is an Italian company, though with the right training and approach Ghanaians are more suitable to deal within their own market. In comparison to other African countries, Ghana is one of the simplest countries and it is the closest to European and Italian mentality and realities.

What is your growth strategy for your business in Ghana and beyond?

For over a decade, Savino del Bene has created teams dedicated to the major vertical markets that are interested in global trade such as fashion, oil and gas, renewable energies, FMCG, and pharmaceuticals. Naturally, all our subsidiaries around the world have also been duly instructed to develop the most interesting sources of traffic in the coming years. As far as Ghana goes, we are mainly focused on the transport of oil and gas, and we will continue to focus on that, improving efficiencies. Our geographical growth and expansion has always been calm and slow, and it will be even slower in Africa. This is mainly because of our difficulties experienced with regard to bureaucracies, regulations, and limitations by the authorities. Our decisions here need to be more cautious and weighted than elsewhere in the world, which goes back to why we are investing more in human resource development in Ghana.

How do you position yourself within the competitive logistic sector and what are your competitive advantages?

Savino del Bene has always distinguished itself for a policy aimed at customer loyalty, creating a real synergy with our clients and suppliers, working together for the same goals and results. Today’s challenge is maintaining our identity as an intermediary agent of logistics and international shipments, a concept today that is increasingly absorbed by integrated structures that only care about numbers. Our services are the result of a thorough work of construction of a service and activities studied and programmed considering all possible uncertainties. Globalization is leading, perhaps too fast, to a world that is becoming increasingly smaller with a need for a speed that is not there; however, we seek to provide all the possible solutions. For example, in the event of unforeseen and unforeseeable situations, we have created teams of people specialized in the individual sectors of activity that can intervene and find a solution in the shortest time possible.

What are your expectations for 2018?

Technology is the current master in any activity, sector, or role, and it is necessary to stay up to date and adapt to the development of new technologies, though it is necessary and fundamental to provide continuity on all activities. Savino del Bene Ghana expects to be the springboard for development in West Africa for 2018. The positive trend of Savino del Bene in the last 10 years will be confirmed for 2017 and we will maintain the need and interest to continue to expand and grow our network and activities in 2018 as well.



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