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Alex Nazarian

LEBANON - Tourism

First branch established in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

CEO, U Energy


Alex Nazarian is CEO of U Energy.

"Our sports science department is the governing body responsible for providing the best quality of service."

How was U Energy established?

U Energy was established in September 2011, with its first branch at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). The idea behind U Energy was to create a boutique health club with a philosophy committed to continuous improvement through knowledge and innovation. With a trusted team of expert trainers, U Energy offers its clients a unique experience through personalized training, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective, interactive classes in a focused environment conducive for a healthy, energetic, and comfortable workout.

What are the highlights of the Go by U Energy concept?

Go by U Energy was created as a fitness studio by making fitness easy in a more convenient and intimate workout experience with tailored classes and dedicated personal training.

Currently, U Energy is well positioned with several branches in Beirut. What are your further expansion plans?

At the moment we have three U Energy branches: Bliss, Downtown, Hazmieh and two “Go by U Energy” branches: Adma and Gemmazyeh. Our future expansion plans are to have three more locations in Lebanon. We will also introduce a third brand as a new concept next year.

What are the main foundations of U Energy?

U Energy is built on three main foundations. First, the science: our sports science department is the governing body responsible for providing the best quality of service ever experienced through continuous research and schooling to the trainers. Second, the system: our training program is uniquely structured and divided into four cycles. The system will keep members running and motivated, and is also scientifically validated as being the highway for your ultimate goals. We prescribe, document, and track data with our system, distinguishing us on an international level. The third foundation is the community: U Energy is more of a family than a company, where members are involved in everything we do, such as monthly outings, outdoor activities, boot camps, parties, and yearly events.

What makes U Energy stands out from other fitness centers in Lebanon?

U Energy is the place to come to when you want to feel good about yourself, your health, your body, and your mind. We are all dedicated to working on our guests’ energy and to form simple habits that will make people feel good and challenge their personal status. The quality of our services and our continuous improvement through innovation and knowledge make U Energy stand out from the rest of the fitness centers in Lebanon. The main services we provide are, personal mentors. Choosing the personal mentor service means members have a fitness mentor watching their back. The mentor will first assess their goals, needs, and capacities. Thereafter, members will be prescribed a personalized exercise program. According to the assessment result, you mentors will then follow up and update members’ programs after a post-training evaluation. We also offer personal training. Members donate their bodies to science; this is the only term to describe our personal training service. It is the safest highway to your ultimate goals. A personal trainer will guide members closely in every step they take. The training program is uniquely structured and divided into four advanced cycles. Our systematic approach in personal training will keep people motivated without a ceiling to what is aimed for. Finally we offer group fitness. Our classes are built and structured in-house. The structure of each class is based on scientific studies and years of experience. The variety of our classes provides guests with a great balance to reach their optimal shape and fitness level.



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