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COLOMBIA - Tourism

Alex Weinstein

Founder, Dyninno Colombia


Alex Weinstein is the Founder of Dyninno Group, the privately held global technology company that has products and services in the travel, finance, entertainment, and technology sectors in over 50 countries. He started his first business in 2004 in a rented garage, where he worked as an independent travel agent, using just two telephones and purchasing ads in local newspapers. He quickly grasped the necessity to serve the marginalized; by providing information for both English speakers as well as non-English speakers, he successfully sold transatlantic flight tickets to the local immigrant communities.

"We offer diverse opportunities for various individuals, and we deeply value talent."
Alex Weinstein, Founder of Dyninno Colombia, talks to TBY about what Colombia offers the firm, the impact of AI on the travel industry, and what makes the firm a great place to work.

What advantages does Colombia offer as a strategic location for Dyninno?

Colombia offers the best talent and value, especially in Spanish-speaking Latam. While initially targeting the US market, where we have a strong presence, we have realized the importance of serving Spanish-speaking customers there. Our business model goes beyond being a transactional platform for cheap airline tickets; we offer a comprehensive range of services and products, both internally and externally, ensuring our customers receive top-notch service and attention from our professional agents. Our product offerings include financial and tech services, and we have created a service ecosystem to provide additional value to our travel clients. To better cater to Spanish-speaking customers in the US and Canada, we chose Bogotá as our location given its cost-efficient environment and access to a pool of smart, educated and accent-neutral Spanish-speaking talent. We have been successful in providing support for phone, sales and back-office functions, which has translated to record-breaking growth for our company. In 2022, we launched Traveltech, expanding our operations to the Colombian market and serving Colombian passengers traveling abroad. We obtained a travel license, BSP accreditation and began developing local content partnerships. Currently, we are in the process of setting up operations in Colombia to offer our business model to local customers.

Can you discuss your key partnerships and industry relationships in Colombia to access talent and enhance your offerings?

Industry relations play a vital role in our business. We have a dedicated local director for industry relations whose primary focus is on liaising with airlines and various B2B travel partners to ensure the quality of our content. Our core offering is airline and travel industry content, and our goal is to secure the best content for our customers. We recently brought in a specialist to help us build a flexible payment infrastructure. The payments landscape is evolving rapidly, with customers preferring various payment methods, and just as in our other markets, we aim to offer a diverse range of payment options to enhance convenience for our customers. In the future, we plan to introduce financing options and installment payment plans. Additionally, we will provide customers with various insurance products, such as trip cancellation and medical coverage required by some countries. We are also developing internal services like luggage protection to ensure travelers have a worry-free experience. Our commitment to customer support includes a 24-hour hotline, ensuring assistance is available anytime, anywhere, for whatever reason.

Are Dyninno’s full range of products and services currently available in the Colombian market?

We plan to replicate our successful product offerings from other markets in Colombia; however, we understand that each country has its unique cultural nuances, which can impact our business model. For example, in the US, Canada, and the UK, we operate under the brand ASAP Tickets in the economy segment. We do recognize that this English abbreviation may not resonate with the Colombian market, given that people might not understand its meaning, which is why we will make the necessary adjustments and considerations to tailor our product line to the local preferences and culture. We primarily use two main distribution channels for our content: the agent model where professional travel agents offer our products to customers; and online travel agencies (OTA), where customers can access our services directly online. Within these channels, we have variations, such as a focus on business and first-class travel to cater to clients seeking personalized attention. Additionally, we operate an international freelancer platform called Dreamport. This platform is fully automated, allowing individuals to become travel agents or managers, selling our internal products and services to their own customers. We even provide leads in some cases. Dreamport enables people to work remotely from anywhere, at any time.

How is AI impacting your platforms, and how do you see it evolving in the travel industry?

The anticipated shift from oil to tourism means attracting more visitors to Colombia and boosting local spending. We are currently focused on recruiting talent to offer a wide range of travel products and services, whether it is within Colombia or to international destinations. Our goal is to provide talented individuals with opportunities to work in a global, transnational company, learn industry standards, and gain experience in various locations while delivering value to our customers. The ecosystem we are building encompasses travel, fintech, and insurance, offering customers a comprehensive and worry-free experience with access to top-notch services anywhere, anytime. This is the value proposition that we are bringing to the market. Machine learning has been in use for decades, and it has evolved to the point where it can generate content. The real game-changer will be when it becomes indistinguishable from human-generated content. Until then, technology can assist professionals rather than replace them. For example, we can automate certain tasks our agents perform using client data to offer more relevant products, services, and competitive pricing.

What makes Dyninno a great place to work?

We offer diverse opportunities for various individuals, and we deeply value talent. Within our company, we have thousands of travel agents. While we operate in various verticals as a group of companies, our current focus is on the travel industry in Latam. We have thousands of travel agents who started at the company and then expanded their roles by taking on more responsibilities and challenges. We have created an environment that fosters self-realization and provides opportunities to learn from the best. Our company embodies an entrepreneurial culture, inspired by my experience in the US during the dotcom era. We provide employees with the opportunity to interact with colleagues worldwide and explore roles in different locations if their interests align with our company’s values. We have diversified extensively, with a wide range of professionals in various countries, spanning roles from developers and designers to agents, finance, and legal experts. Our culture encourages individuals to explore opportunities within our group of companies, and we prioritize retaining valued team members by offering them alternative roles. At our core, we value motivation above all else, and I strive to instill this culture throughout our organization. We seek ambitious, motivated, and collaborative team players who appreciate opportunities and are eager to contribute to our mission. Beyond skills, we value individuals who are open to taking on challenges and leadership roles.

With the entertainment sector growing in Colombia, can you elaborate on EnterTech and its plans for the Colombian market?

EnterTech is a platform that connects aspiring talent with opportunities in the entertainment industry, including roles like movie extras, background actors and voice-overs. Users can create profiles and the platform matches their profiles with relevant entertainment projects. Given the abundance of content created daily, EnterTech serves as a matchmaking service between content creators and talent. Currently, EnterTech’s primary focus is on English-speaking markets like the US, Canada, and the UK, with Latam not being a top priority. However, as with our travel division, we anticipate future expansion into other regions.



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