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COLOMBIA - Green Economy

Alexa Oviedo

CEO, o3 Smart Cities


Alexa Oviedo is CEO of o3 Smart Cities.

"Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of Colombians through building sustainable communities in our country, we want to change the way Colombians go to work and how they connect to the grid."
What is the mission of o3 Smart Cities?

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of Colombians through building sustainable communities in our country, we want to change the way Colombians go to work and how they connect to the grid. One part of our business is electric mobility, and the other is the renewable energies unit. In electric mobility, we assemble all the parts of electric motorcycles. At a rate of 10,000km per year, electric mobility will see five tons of CO2 being mitigated in three years. It has a huge impact. For us, one specific stakeholder is the environment, and both our units help take care of the environment. We sell through our dealers and are opening more dealers nationwide. Right now, we have 16 dealers. Most of them are new entrepreneurs who are making confident steps through electric mobility, which is just starting in the motorcycle sector. Currently, the total amount of motorcycles in Colombia using fuel is almost 10 million, while there are only 10,000 electric vehicles. The difference is massive; however, people are getting more confident with electric vehicles, and the segment is gradually growing. It might take longer in Colombia, though it is moving in that direction. In renewable energy, our target is the industrial sector, mainly food, because it has a high electricity usage. Most have freezers and appliances with high costs and usage levels. We are doing one project here in a warehouse that pays COP100 million in electricity bills. There can be savings between 50% and 80% depending on the usage, time of day, and type of machines. If the company could save half of that, it is already incurring significant savings. At the same time, it is also using renewable energy.

How does o3 work to tackle the issue of pollution in transportation?

In Colombia, greenhouse gas pollution from transportation is an important issue. Each combustion motorcycle emits 0.16kg of CO2 per km travelled into the atmosphere, so in a five years a motorcycle could generate five tons of CO2. Our electric mobility does not emit emissions or greenhouse gases during its use, promotes a mobility that improves the quality of life of Colombians and above all improves the economy of the families that use it for their economy. With our electric mobility we seek to mitigate climate change by connecting with Sustainable Development Goal #13 Climate Action.

What is your plan to expand your customer base?

We have a dealer network and are growing there. We also have a corporate side and are approaching companies in order to make it easier for people to get electric scooters. Specifically, we want to help accelerate industries through the energy transition and facilitate employees use of electric mobility. There are companies that are extremely interested. Also, these scooters are perfect for last-mile logistics for small packages. There is also a law that mandates 10% of delivery lines to switch to electric mobility, and we are targeting that market. With some companies, we are helping with this switch from fuels to electric mobility.

Panama is a potential market to expand internationally. What are your plans there?

We aim to open representation, such as a dealer, in Panama. The country is small and not that mountainous, so it would fit our scooters well, and we could provide support from here. We have discussed with the manufacturer a way to represent that market with local assistance. Also, Venezuela is opening again, so we are looking at that market as well. Those will be our target markets in the coming years.



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