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Alexis Leroy

CEO, Allcot

Diana Marcela Zapata

General Manager, Aval Ambiental

These consultants help companies understand the benefits of investing in sustainability to not only improve their operations, but also boost their relations with communities and their own customers.

What makes the company a strategic partner in the sustainability field for companies? 

ALEXIS LEROY Allcot has been active in the carbon industry since 2009, which makes us veterans in the sustainability space. We have survived even in difficult years. We are not just a consulting company but a project developer and an agent of change. We not only help corporations reach their net-zero goals, but also work with governments to help define legislation, determine which markets are suitable to drive investment while promoting public-private sector cooperative approach. We also develop tools to implement Article 6 pilot projects. Allcot has been involved in all the COPs since Lima and with the governments in our areas of influence. Our involvement is such that I recently had the honor of being appointed co-chair of the International Emission Trading Association (IETA) working group for Latin America and the Caribbean.

DIANA MARCELA ZAPATA We have three main strategic business units: strategic environmental consulting, environmental impact studies, and tax benefits. Aval Ambiental is the best ally for companies, mainly those with major environmental challenges. Our work begins at the planning stages, as it is extremely important for companies to think about the environmental aspects in the early stages of a project, such that it becomes part of their business. We work with them during that process, starting with the planning, looking over their environmental policies, and adapting them to each project, in order to follow those aspects in every stage of the project; we advise companies on how to take into account the environmental legislation, international aspects, and Colombia’s policies to ensure they are incorporated into their processes. That is how we ensure companies have long-term viability, not only for environmental reasons, such as acquiring a license, but also to have proper land incorporation and zone adaptation for their own profit and that of the communities.

Why is Allcot the best candidate to help companies address their sustainability objectives?

AL We came to Colombia in 2011, and our commitment to the country is historic. My first project was with a sugar mill in the Cali area, which was impactful because it was more than just about sugar production; there was a social ecosystem around the plants. We learned to create high-quality projects that are transparent and can ensure there will be added value for the customer that wants to offset their carbon footprints. We are currently suggesting building solutions around the value of our client. Second is our understanding of the Paris Agreement’s financial new rule. We also monitor, verify, and report on projects from not only a greenhouse gas point of view, but also the Sustainable Development Goals in line with the 2030 Agenda. We have developed a strong bond with the country. The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Colombia is deforestation, and we are working on solutions that helps the communities reverse the damages. The first fruits of this model will be delivered to the community in 1Q2022 and will allow funding of productive projects for the communities involved in the projects. The third reason is that there is an incredible amount of wealth in Colombia, but the financial system is still backward, and there is room for significant improvement. We are now talking to financial institutions to let them understand that if they do not measure climate and environmental exposure from their activities, they face great risks where today, there are unique opportunities. They are finally being receptive.

What characteristics make Aval Ambiental an expert consulting firm?

DMZ Mainly, the knowledge; Aval Ambiental has a team of senior professionals who are experts in environmental and social matters. Many of them have held government positions that provided them with a national perspective and a sensibility of the community’s needs.



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