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Marí­a Fernanda Suárez

General Manager, Accenture

Alfredo González

Country Manager, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

These companies use their know-how and expertise to help clients transform their businesses and accelerate their digital transformations.

How do you help your clients deliver value?

MARIA FERNANDA SUÁREZ The added value we give our clients is supporting them in the acceleration of their transformations, compressing them over time. The challenges our clients face is that of timely digitalization. Accenture is the best partner to achieve this. We offer change management and have prepared human talent and can help our clients to quickly adapt to these changes, considering given our global pedigree in these areas. We can accelerate change in several ways: from advisory services to managing those departments undergoing transformation, and operating part of the company for the client.

ALFREDO GONZÁLEZ TCS is part of a large corporation, Tata Group, and is dedicated to technology. Digital transformation is in our DNA. One of our key points is education and practical use. If we transform a bank, we do not just give them a nice app or website; it is important to change the way it operates. We understand that transformation is a holistic process. Our main clients have a business vision, but we are looking for the technology vision connected to the business vision. This combined can allow for a business to see mid-to-long-term plans.

What are the main needs of your clients?

MFS We have four action lines for our clients. The first is the consulting strategy based on data analytics. The second line is technology. Here, we support our clients in the implementation of solutions such as SAP. We advise and we support them through the entire process of migrating information to the cloud. Another increasingly important aspect nowadays is cybersecurity. Here, we help them by setting the cybersecurity strategy, supporting its implementation, and, if needed, overseeing the cybersecurity operation. The fourth line is intelligent operations; a line that has seen the greatest growth. We operate specialized services for our clients, such as personalized marketing strategies, finance and accounting, purchase chains, and human talent services.

AG Every company is currently looking for efficiency and the only way to do so is by transformation or by generating an analytic information value that improves process and can provide a better impact on the final client. This is our potential. We are a leading technology company for the businesses of our clients. When we talk to a client, we look at how they operate, because each one operates differently. The culture of each client is distinct. Our company’s first intention is to understand this part of our client. This encapsulates our vision. We have technology in our DNA, and we apply it with a deep understanding of the businesses. It is difficult to talk about technology without understanding a business because there is a whole wealth of technologies that can be used.

How does the company contribute to Colombia’s development?

MFS We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. By having a value offer featuring end-to-end solutions, we provide comprehensive support for our client in their commercial processes. Today, we are aiming at notable growth in this market. When you analyze our footprint in Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Mexico, the other Latin American countries where we operate, relative to each country’s economy, it is much larger than in Colombia. And so here Accenture has a major growth opportunity, which we want to capitalize on in the years to come, by providing all the global services Accenture has to our Colombian clients.

How does the company’s global experience benefit clients?

AG We have nearly 3,000 employees in Colombia but not all of them are located here. If we look further, we have the entire American or Asian market at our disposal. I have over 590,000 associates to whom I can reach out for experience or outside information. TCS can be considered a bridge between the Colombian industry and international business practices. Every day, clients ask us about the best systems. For example, if a client wants to know about the best payment system, we can recommend from our system a solid payment method technology in Germany.



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