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SAUDI ARABIA - Transport

Ali Akram Al-Sayed

Country Manager, EIRAD/UPS


Ali Akram Al-Sayed is well experienced in the supply chain and transportation services industry, as well as in business planning, operations, management, imports, air freight, land freight, and logistics.

"EIRAD/UPS genuinely believes in and promotes fair market competition, as this drives competitiveness in our industry."
EIRAD/UPS is dedicated to continuous improvement, always looking for the next big service evolution.
UPS is one of the largest and most trusted global shipping and logistics companies in the world. What is the importance of KSA for the company?

Saudi Arabia continues to play an essential role in the overall growth strategy of our company and just to concentrate and accelerate our efforts to facilitate this growth in the Middle East and GCC in particular UPS has established an India Subcontinent, Middle East and Africa (ISMEA) region office in Dubai, which allows us to have direct and unobstructed access to the Leadership team at the UPS Global Head Quarter in Atlanta, Georgia. Furthermore, at the local level, we have already aligned our strategy to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, and we will ensure that we play a prominent role in assisting and accelerating the transformation of the supply chain industry, which we believe is one of the key enablers of the vision. We aspire to ensure that we facilitate the supply chain growth ambition of the Kingdom to become the key hub for connecting Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world. And since 2018, we have embarked upon expanding our domestic network and enhancing our infrastructure to cater to the anticipated import and export market growth, thus in addition to our existing customs clearance facilities at King Fahd International Airport, I am delighted to announce that we will shortly be opening our doors to one of our largest clearance and package sorting facilities within the Kingdom at King Khalid International Airport, which will be more than 107,000sqft. This state-of-the-art facility will be fully automated and will enable expeditious clearance and delivery of the import volume. We have also planned of developing similar facilities in the Western Province in the near future.

EIRAD/UPS offers a broad range of solutions to integrate express shipping, distribution, and supply chain management. What specific unit is the most successful?

Within the Kingdom, EIRAD Authorized Service Contractor for UPS operates five business units: small package courier, freight forwarding (land, sea, and air), logistics (warehousing and distribution management), mail innovations (4pl), and brokerage (customs clearance). These business units offer a diverse portfolio of services to our customers within Kingdom. Although our logistics (warehouse and distribution management) has shown an exponential growth rate in 2021 and 2022, we have developed almost 1 million sqft of storage space in past few years alone just to cope with the increased demand we received locally. Nevertheless, our package courier, which includes last-mile delivery for e-commerce, has been growing consistently over and beyond all business. During the pandemic, our freight forwarding and brokerage business units performed exceptionally well in executing the clearance and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine within the Kingdom.

In a market characterized by increasing competition, how will you shape your competitive advantages, maintaining a leading position and expanding your share in the market?

EIRAD/UPS genuinely believes in and promotes fair market competition, as this drives competitiveness in our industry and allows us to be constructively dissatisfied with our achievements. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services and we regularly assess market trends to anticipate future enhancements. We regularly test, update, and deploy new services, locally and internationally. We are always seeking ways to innovate our products and services that may become the next big service evolution. To consistently maintain our position and expand our market share, we monitor closely how are we retaining our existing customers compared to gaining new ones. We also have an internal automated service measuring management system, which evaluates each collection and delivery of packages against our pre-defined service levels. This system is set to evaluate each district, city, and center operation from the customer’s perspective on how we fulfill our delivery commitments. This internal control weighs heavily on our overall performance, thus we all are committed to ensuring that we provide our services at the highest level.

What are your priorities and targets for 2023?

We will have unhindered focus on continually improving services, expanding our domestic network, investing in our infrastructure and technology, serving the communities we operate in, maintaining a cash positive and sustainable business, and taking care our most valuable asset: our people.



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