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KUWAIT - Health & Education

Ali Fahad Al-Fahad

Chairman, Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies


Ali Fahad Al-Fahad holds a bachelor of business administration degree. He is the Chairman of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies and a member of the Red Crescent Society.

"We are tasked with achieving strategic food security for citizens and residents and preserving the strategic stock."
The Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies in Kuwait plays a significant role in the country’s food security policy, helping to link cooperatives and various state institutions.
What is the role of the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies?

We are tasked with achieving strategic food security for citizens and residents and preserving the strategic stock. The Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies plays a major role in linking cooperative societies and various state institutions. Our union was founded to serve all the shareholders. The union has adopted an open-door policy to solve any shareholder issues. As the Kuwaiti cooperative movement, it had undergone notable stages of development to date. During the movement’s development, it has played a key role in social development, whether in training or education, as well as working to achieve the goals of cooperation by raising the level of debate. We have worked to solve social dilemmas and played a prominent and creative role in the economic arena, developing and pursuing the goal of food security for both citizens and expatriates.

What is the function of the union?

Thanks to our activity consumers are assured that there is a responsible party, namely the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies, that investigates accuracy in the prices of commodities, ensuring that any increase in prices is to a large extent not an artificial local increase, but rather, in line with the international prices influenced by the natural movement of the economies worldwide. We, therefore, aim to ensure stability in consumer goods pricing and standardize sales prices in all cooperative societies subject to this policy. We provide alternatives with brands and prices below those of similar products on the market. This way, we make sure that our stakeholders can receive the best quality of produce for a competitive price.

What are the most effective government agencies supporting the union?

There is no doubt that all government agencies are supportive of the cooperative sector, especially the Ministry of Social Affairs, which plays an important role in leading the cooperative movement in Kuwait. With the blessing from the Ministry, we are able to conduct our work in to the highest degree of professionalism and sustainability.

How does the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies support youth and small business owners?

There is plenty of support for the owners of small and medium-sized projects and Kuwaiti products, as the priority is to offer an appropriate space within the associations to provide food items and consumer goods. The association makes payments to these companies on a regular basis and helps them overcome all the obstacles they may face. One of the provisions is aimed at dealing with the owners of the small projects.

What role can cooperative societies play in the event of the food market disruption?

Based on the state’s tendency to render associations as a balancing tool in adjusting prices and fighting monopoly practices, the concerned authorities have addressed the global markets to open new ones and expand the commercial and investment map. This gives them the ability to overcome any commercial crisis and provide alternatives in the event of interruption of any specific strategic material, especially after its opening to export markets in Africa and Europe. We are here to offer a stable provision of food and consumer goods to our shareholders, no matter the circumstances.



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