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Ali Omari

CEO, Safe City


Ali Omari founded the Safe City Group in Abu Dhabi UAE in 2016 to provide a one-stop shop for innovative turnkey public safety, national security solutions, and advanced transportation management technologies. With an engineering background, his passion has always been finding practical technical solutions for challenges that others would have considered impossible.

"Our group has consistently upheld a strong performance and delivery culture, which is built upon our core group values."
Safe City is pioneering high-tech, often AI-powered solutions to bolster public safety and the security of smart cities.
What Safe City Group values and missions have persisted amidst external pressures and sector changes?

Our group has consistently upheld a strong performance and delivery culture, which is built upon our core group values. These values serve as guiding principles in our decision-making processes and provide clients, potential clients, and potential new staff with a clear understanding of our group’s ethos. By embracing these values, we prioritize building strong partnerships, maintaining a focus on quality, respecting time constraints, fostering collaborative teamwork, taking ownership of our actions, and approaching challenges with a solutions-oriented mindset. Despite external changes, these values remain fundamental to our group’s mission and continued success. In line with our vision of achieving international standards in innovation and becoming a hub where great futuristic ideas come together, our mission is to inspire and showcase the potential of the UAE. We aim to lead by example and demonstrate what can be achieved through our relentless pursuit of innovation, cutting-edge solutions, and transformative ideas. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we aspire to elevate not only our group, but also the entire UAE, inspiring others to reach new heights and make a lasting impact.

What is the role of AI in your operations?

To enhance the smart and safe cities of the UAE, our group has implemented several cutting-edge AI products and solutions. These advancements include opening a first-of-its-kind LED screens and video walls factory in the region, SHASHAT Factory. As an Emirati factory, it manufactures indoor and outdoor high-quality LED screens that are designed to withstand the challenging weather conditions of the GCC region. Our group also produces road gantries equipped with advanced AI technologies. These gantries serve multiple purposes, such as enhancing security measures, facilitating commercial operations, optimizing traffic management, and supporting law enforcement efforts. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of city infrastructure. Elsewhere, our innovative radar systems feature integrated screens, offering real-time monitoring and surveillance capabilities covering 360 views and up to eight lines on each roadside. These radars serve as valuable tools for various applications, including public safety, traffic enforcement, law enforcement, ANPR, SOS button, and situational awareness. Their advanced features enhance the capabilities of smart cities and contribute to overall safety and efficiency. Safe City Group and WMotors, one of our group partners, are currently engaged in an ongoing project for our valuable partner Dubai Police, which involves the development of a first-of-its-kind specialized police vehicle, Ghiath Smart Patrol. Developed in response to market demand for a new breed of mobile policing solutions, the special forces vehicle is exclusively designed in UAE and is the most advanced police vehicle in the world. We are delighted to announce that in addition to the ongoing project, we are introducing two new versions of the police patrol vehicle: VIP and SWAT. These versions are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of VIP protection and SWAT operations. They will provide enhanced capabilities and specialized features tailored for these specific applications. By leveraging these AI products and solutions, our group is actively contributing to the development of smart and safe cities in the UAE. We are committed to continually exploring and implementing technologies that align with the vision of creating sustainable and technologically advanced urban environments.

What are the group’s goals for 2024 in terms of public safety and national security?

In 2024, the group aims to achieve significant milestones in public safety and national security through an increased focus on local manufacturing and in-house production. By expanding its manufacturing capabilities, the group aims to reduce reliance on external suppliers and promote self-sufficiency. This commitment aligns with the goal of generating economic growth, creating job opportunities, and ensuring greater control over the production process. By emphasizing local manufacturing and in-house production, the group can be more agile and responsive to evolving needs, delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of the UAE. This strategic focus supports the nation’s objectives of economic diversification, knowledge transfer, and sustainable development, contributing to a self-reliant and secure future. Overall, the group’s aims for 2024 in terms of public safety and national security are centered around advancing technological capabilities, fostering partnerships, and investing in R&D to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the safety and security of the nation.



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